Klymit Inertia X-Lite Inflatable Pad Video


This is the Klymit Inertia X-Lite inflatable sleeping pad. As you can see by its short dimensions and the cut away interior this is an extremely lightweight, minimalist inflatable sleeping pad. Klymit has used body mapping here to make sure you’ve got that padding where you need it and skipping it where you don’t. These cut-aways are obviously going to save on weight but there is also some thermal efficiencies that they provide that may not be intuitive in just looking at it. As this lofts up it creates space where the heat of your body and can become trapped which actually makes it a bit warmer than it might be without those loft pockets which is what Klymit refers to that design feature as. Not like other pads that are out there and not insulated so I don’t want to suggest that it is terribly warm but warmer than it might be without those loft pockets. This minimalist design certainly is not for everyone but in terms of its ability to shave weight and keep packed dimensions very compact and for someone who wants to keep support under their lower torso, backside and their head but doesn’t necessarily need it under their feet, this design is actually pretty hard to beat. There is an additional benefit to these loft pockets, as we’ve already discussed, it’s not a very big pad to begin with but because of those cut-aways there is even less space you need to fill with air when you’re inflating the pad which is what I’ll do now. A nice valve here at the top; push it to close it, pull it to open it. That almost fully inflated with just a single breath and the second breath was half a breath to get it fully inflated. As you can see it is now lofted up to only about an inch in height but it will get you up off the ground and give you some cushioning in those key areas. An interesting way to use the Inertia X-Lite, and a couple of other Klymit pads as well for that matter, as it has very narrow dimension, only 18 inches wide which at first glance might not seem wide enough, but it allows you to bring it inside your sleeping bag and takes even better advantage of those loft pockets. If you think about a sleeping bag on top of a flat surface, you actually end up compressing a lot of the insulation beneath you which doesn’t allow it to be everything it might be. A sleeping bag with a pad like this, you can see the sleeping bag lofts up into those loft pockets and there is still room for the heat of your body and increases the warmth of what otherwise might be only a really, really warm weather pad. In addition to the main valve through which I inflated the pad, there is a secondary valve and Klymit also includes this lightweight hand pump. There is only so much pressure that you lungs can produce when inflating a sleeping pad so this little pump actually will firm up the pad a bit if that’s the kind of sleeping base that you prefer. Frankly, I find that it’s enough without it and I tend to leave it behind but it is there if you need it and again will give you that much firmer a sleeping base. I have deflated the Inertia X-Lite, folded it and packed it inside the stuff sack which is included as is a field repair kits, there is a patch in there and adhesive should you need it and the hand pump we mentioned earlier, packs down to just 6 inches by an inch and half so incredibly compact, incredibly lightweight at 6.1 ounces. I’ve got it here next to a Nalgene bottle and you can see this is going to take up very little space in your pack and at that weight this is certain to be a favorite of fast and light, ounce counting backpackers.


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