Klymit Inertia XL Inflatable Sleeping Pad Video


This is the Inertia XL. It’s an innovative, inflatable Klymit sleeping pad and we’ll take a look at it inflated in a moment but you can already see the unique cut-aways that make it un-mistakenly a Klymit pad and that add to the performance of the XL. So, I’ve finished inflating the Inertia XL and it took me all of 5 or 6 breaths through a really easy to use valve on this pad. Pull it to open, push it to close it and you get a nice secure seal. You can now see hoe unique and arguably “odd” the Inertia XL looks when inflated. Definitely a different design from what you’re seeing out in the market place. This pad weighs all of 16 ounces so it’s a very, very lightweight offering though if you look at this is also fairly sizeable. I do want to show you one other inflation point here on the side. Klymit does include a small hand pump and that unique valve allows you to firm up this pad. You can only get so much pressure out of mouth inflation but using the pump you can firm this up a bit, if you choose to. I like to sink into things a little bit so I likely leave this pump behind when I use this pad but it is there if you need it. The loft pockets, these cut-aways, and also the indentations of the baffling work together to actually make this pad warmer than it would be without those features. It traps the heat of your body, keeps that in place and is warmer than most un-insulated, inflatable sleeping pads would be. You can see some contouring, more of a notch, here that works well as a placement for your head. Despite its lightweight design and its compact dimensions, the Inertia XL is a surprisingly comfortable pad for backpacking usage. Despite its sprawling dimensions you can see the Inertia XL packs down very small. It is the size of a traditional Nalgene, 32 ounce water bottle. Each pad does come with its own stuff sack, a field repair kit, should you need it and that small hand pump for the firmest and fullest of inflation. The Inertia XL; a super sizeable sleeping pad but at a weight and a packed size that make it a great option for lightweight backpacking.


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