Klymit Inertia XFrame Inflatable Sleeping Pad


We are looking at the Klymit Inertia X-Frame, ultralight, inflatable sleeping pad. You can see the cut-aways on this pad give it a really unique look and are an important part of the innovative technology that’s in play here on the Inertia X-Frame. The Inertia X-Frame utilizes loft pockets. That’s these absences of pad, if you will, in specific portions of the pad. There is body mapping in play here. You can see that your lower back or torso, shoulders and upper back and head, you‘ve got padding. Where you don’t have padding in other places are low pressure point areas. So you can do away with some of the bulk and some of the weight which results in a pad that weighs 9.1 ounces, un-inflated, which is about as light as things get. You do need to inflate it and you’ve got a valve here at the top and because of the design you don’t have to put as much air into this pad compared to others. You’ll see how quickly this inflates. It took a half a breath on that second breath or we would have had it blown up fully in two breaths. Just unbelievable! There is a secondary valve here at the top and Klymit does include a small hand pump. You can use that to get this even firmer; more fully inflated. Myself, I don’t like my pad that inflated so, honestly, I don’t even use it. You’ll see again, I’ve got padding where I need it and skip padding where I don’t. This isn’t going to be for everyone but for ounce counters or someone looking for the lightest pad available that still offers a surprising amount of comfort, the Inertia X-frame is going to be pretty hard to beat. There is a thermal benefit to the loft pockets as well, in addition to the weight savings. When you put a sleeping bag on top of a sleeping pad and lay on it you compress the contents of that sleeping bag. This sometimes diminishes the bag's insulative properties. With the loft pockets, the sleeping bag can fit inside those spaces without being compressed. There is also a narrow enough dimension on the Inertia X-Frame, it’s only 18 inches wide, that you can do what I’ve done here. You can actually put it inside your sleeping bag. Again, your body’s warmth can live inside these open spaces and make this a warmer pad than it would be otherwise. I would still consider this a pad that is suitable for three-season use. It’s an inflatable pad with no insulation inside and it’s not warm enough to make it a good offering for the fourth season or cold weather but for three-season, most of the year, this is a great lightweight, surprisingly warm and compact option. There is a really simple closure on the valve. Just push and turn to close it and pull on it slightly to open it up. The same cut-away design that makes this so easy to inflate also makes the pad deflate significantly easier and faster than most other inflatable pads. Grab it at one end, pull it though, the air comes out the valve on the other end, you fold it and off you go. Packed inside it’s storage sack, which is included, the Inertia X-Frame is smaller than the average water bottle. It’s nearly as small as a 20 ounce can of soda. In addition to the pad itself and the storage sack, each of the Inertia X-Frames includes that small hand pump, for the firmest of inflation, and a field repair kit in case you should have any punctures while you are out and using the pad. The Klymit Inertia X-Frame is a great option for ounce counting backpackers.


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