Klymit Inertia O Zone Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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Klymit Inertia O Zone

Klymit Inertia O Zone


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This is the Klymit Inertia O Zone inflatable sleeping pad. And while it may not look like any other sleeping pad you have ever seen, it actually is an innovative combination of ultra lightweight design, packability and surprising comfort. With three hikers and weight conscious backpackers in might, Klymit has really stripped away anything unnecessary in this pad. You can see the minimalist design, the cutaways, what Klymit refers to as its loft pockets. There is body mapping that is gone into creating this pad ensuring that you have got cushioning, you have got padding where you need it and taking away the weight, taking away the material where you don’t need it. The end result is a pad that is 12.5 ounces, so incredibly light weight, packs down really small as well. It is an inflatable pad. You have got to blow it up, but because of these cutaways it also blows up incredibly fast comparative to most. It may have taken me five or six breaths to blow up this bad, so very, very quick as far as inflation is concerned. Another interesting payoff in these loft pockets. When you roll out your sleeping bag on top of the sleeping pad and you lay down on it, your weight is on that bag. It actually flattens it out and can cut into the thermal efficiency of that sleeping back. With these loft pockets the bag and, more importantly, the insulation inside the back can actually settle into those pockets. So, oddly enough, and counter intuitively it actually can make this pad a little warmer than it would be without those cutaways. Still not an extremely warm pad comparative to one that would have insulation, but warmer than you might expect from such a minimalist design. In keeping with that weight saving, space saving design, the Inertia O Zone is a 21 and three quarter inch wide, 72 inch long pad, but you have got cutaways and tapering where you can get away with it. What it integrates here, that I have not seen on another sleeping pad is its own pillow. You have got two inflation valves as you can see here at the head of the pad. This one really exists or lives at the shoulder and then your head extends out here. It is a full 72 inches in length to this sensoring pillow. So what I mean when I say that, the cutaways that you see here actually kind of help to put your head in the optimal position to take advantage of the comfort that this pillow gives you. It has got its own inflation valve here. You can make it very firm or you can let some air out and sink into it a little bit. The pad down in the body is only a little more than an inch thick, so not a very deep base there. You are getting more thickness there where it matters most, beneath your head. Klymit includes a stuff sack and a field repair kit with every Inertia O Zone pack. Tuck this inside, pull the draw string and you have got a six inch by three inch package. Between that light weight design, that packability, this is really perfect for ounce counting backpackers.


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