Kelty Women's Red Cloud 80 Backpack Video


I am wearing the women’s Red Cloud 80. This is a 5100 cubic inch backpack or it is 84 liters. So it is a large pack. It is going to be suitable for anybody that is going backpacking and needs to carry a lot of gear. They are going to be out for multiple days in a row. They definitely want comfort and they definitely want durability. Kelty’s cloud lock two suspension system here has some great features to it. Number one, it is adjustable. So you can see here are your two aluminum stays in the back of the pack here. This suspension, this harness will slide up and down there and anchor in. So you can get good adjustability out of it. It fits a wide range of users. The other thing to note here is that you do have some air flow points around this up through the center here and you do have this well padded and wicking mesh though the back of the shoulder straps, the back panels here and then down at the base which would be the lumbar where the bulk of your pack weight is going to ride and into the hip belt. This is a fairly heavy pack. It weighs in between five and six pounds. So it is not for someone who is looking to go light weight. This is for somebody who wants a durable, comfortable, heavy suspension system that is able to carry a good load in a backpack. Some basic features here that go with the hip belt and harness. Kelty has added these elastic fungies here which are going to be great if you have got a hydration bladder and you are running your hose out. You can hook it through here just to keep it where you need it. You have got an adjustable sternum strap as well. And then on the hip belt you do have two zippered pockets as well as that adjustable hip belt. These zippered pockets are going to be a great place to stow items you want to get at quickly like your sunglasses or camera or chapstick. So let’s take a look at some of the other features on the Red Cloud 80. One of the great things about the Red Cloud series of backpacks is that they offer a lot of different ways to access your gear inside the pack and a lot of different places to store things so you can keep the items that you want to get at quickly at your fingertips. Items you only need a couple of time a day in external pockets and then the bulk of your gear inside the pack. Let’s start with storage in the hood here. The hood is free floating which means you can make adjustments at one, two, three, four points to bring it up and adjust for a different volume of storage in the pack. And it also allows you to remove the hood completely. And hidden underneath here there is a hip belt. So the hood detaches. You can use that as a day pack. Carry it over the shoulder if you just want a little bag with you. It is a really nice feature. It means you don’t have to bring another pack along with you. You have got a large pocket on the back of the pack here, just have a little key clip in it. Zippered pocket. And on the top here you have got a flat pocket that is zippered as well. It is kind of a nice place to store maybe some rain gear or water filter. Here we will move into those storage options that give you a quick way to get at items that you need that you don’t need them all the time. So maybe this is going to be like a first aid kit, or this could be your rain gear, snacks, maybe your lunch, that sort of thing. On both sides of the pack you have got long side panel pockets. They have some good depth to them so it is going to be easy to store items in there. And behind them you also have a sleeve that comes out the bottom and you have got a mesh pocket at the bottom here. You do have compression strap at the top and bottom. This behind the side pocket panel is a great place to stow your tent poles or trekking pole. I mean, you could throw a fly rod on there or a rifle depending on what you were doing. It would be a great place to keep it anchored into the pack. And then you can kind of secure it down here in the bot-tom of the mesh and using those compression straps as well. At the front of the pack you have got a large panel that unzips, opens up. It is a really great place to get at things where you have got that big opening. You have got some small storage pockets here, another clip as well. This is a fairly low profile pocket. It might be a good place to store maps or flatter items. Of course, at the front of the pack you have got daisy chains for lashing gear and that piece in the middle is large enough and straight enough that it kind of works as a handle for the whole bag. I mentioned the compression straps earlier. You have got one, two, three, four. These are anchored into this front panel of the pack which really gives you a good distribution of that compression across the load of the backpack. So it ties it into that suspension system we looked at earlier. It gives you a nice stable load, especially if you are carrying a lot of weight. So here is that front panel pocket we looked at. Behind that you see another set of zippers here. If you unbuckle those compression straps and have access to that zipper and what that does is allow you to gain access into the main pack bag. And you use Kelty has put kind of a mesh skirt here with a zipper and so you can... it kind of holds things in there so when you open it up everything doesn’t just fall out over. But it gives a great way to get into this bag to get to the items you might need on the inside. Or, if you are using it for travel where you are almost using it like a piece of luggage. You can kind of lay it on its back and have access into this like a piece of luggage. It gives a little bit more versatility as far as use goes. Another nice feature of the Red Cloud Series is that they have unzipping pockets on the bottom that allow you to have access to bulky items here. There is a panel. You can see that there. there is a panel here separating this bottom portion of the pack from the top. It is connected through series of toggles so they are easy to undo. If you want to open the entire pack up and have one big sleeve, you can. But if you really want to tuck your sleeping bag on the bottom here or your tent or you want to throw wet shoes in there or something and keep those two parts of the pack divided, you can do that. It is also, I would just like to point out, this is a really nice system where Kelty runs this opening zipper all the way back to the back of the pack. Look at the way that folds down completely. It makes it easy to get bulky items in there like a sleeping bag. Like most Kelty packs, they give you plenty of options for lashing equipment to the out-side if you need the space. So you will see tons and tons of little webbing loops sewn on here as well as you do have, basically, another set of what can be compression straps. So if you don’t have anything stored in here, you can cinch these down all the way. Pull that space in. You have a pack that doesn’t have quite as much volume without having a lot of fabric floating around or it is also perfect for throwing other items externally. I am think-ing a sleeping pad would be perfect to tuck in there. And then you just cinch those sys-tems down. They are fast sack buckles so they are easy to open and close to get items in and out if you need to. The other thing I want to note here is we don’t have this pack packed completely full. You can see there is a really large collar at the top of this pack. Allows you to load a lot more items in this than we have it in. We do have a draw cord at the top. It really lets you pull that in and, again, compression system being tied in to that front panel. Another compression strap at the top loops into a buckle here. You cinch that in so {?} you have all of that kind of tied in nice and tight. And the inside of the pack is one big open sleeve other than that small panel at the bottom that we talked about earlier. And there is a sleeve in the back here running down the back that you can put a hydration bladder in. And Kelty has included some little clips here that will allow you to kind of suspend that bladder. At the top back side here you do have dual ports coming out the back where that hose runs into those elastic clips we saw on the shoulder straps earlier. So that is the Kelty Red Cloud 80. I would like to note that it is a women’s specific pack so you have got some women’s specific fit through hip belt and the harness. And it will hold up to 5100 cubic inches of capacity which is quite a load. So it is going to be really suitable for folks that are backpacking on extended day trips.


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