Kelty TN TraiLogic Tent Video


This compact, well engineered tent sets up quickly and easily and allows for maximum comfort for the sleepers inside. They can sleep shoulder to shoulder but still gaze out at the night sky through the star gazer fly. But if the weather does turn on you, you can reach out these doors, unclip, roll the fly right down the poles and secure yourself from the weather without ever getting outside of the tent. This tent sets up quickly and easily with the innovative snap clips you see here. The Kelty TraiLogic TN tents come in two and three person versions. This tent has a door on either side. One is oversized so you can get in and out without bothering your partner. We have an asymmetrical pole design to maximize head space and livable space inside the tent. We have designed this tent to make your camping experience effortless and carefree.


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