Kelty Outfitter Pro 3 Backpacking Tent Video


We are looking at the Kelty Outfitter Pro series of tents and this series is built to be the most durable out of all of the Kelty tents in their line. It is great for groups who are going to be using the tent over and over again, great for outfitters and great for people who are just going to be using the tent a lot. We will talk about all the really durable features of the tent in a little bit, but today we are looking at the Outfitter Pro 3. So this is going to be a three person tent. It also comes in a two and a four. We mentioned the durability of the Outfitter Pro series and I want to get into some of the details of that. We are going to start with the poles. These are aluminum DAC poles and they are oversized so they are going to take, you know, take a little bit more stress. With the poles you have a little section so the poles are field repairable. This is sort of easy to miss when, you know, when you are looking for it, but this comes with the tent. So note that it does come with a little section so you can repair the poles. The stakes for the tent are also a little bit more beefy so they are going to hold up to a little bit more stress than some of the other poles form the Kelty line. I will mention the zipper. This is a number 10 zipper so the teeth are beefier and that is going to last a little bit longer. The floor is 2-10-D nylon which is going to hold up better to sticks and rocks and that sort of thing. A footprint is still advisable to use under the tent and that is sold separately. You see the mesh paneling doesn’t go down quite as far as some of the other Kelty tents. So you do have this more durable material as well. Now we have got the rain fly on the Kelty Outfitter 3 and, as you can see, there is a nice big door on this side. There is a door on the other side as well. So you have two doors and two vestibules. And that makes it great for three people to be in this tent. You can store gear on one side and use the other side as a door. Or you can use both sides as a door. It makes it really easy in and out. A feature I will mention is the color coded construction that Kelty has made on their rain fly to the attachment point on the corners of the tent. On this side you have a grey webbing strap. On the other side you have an orange webbing strap. So it makes it really easy to orient the rain fly to the tent the first time. Another great feature is you have your guide out... you have four guide out points on the tent. There is a little pocket of the guide out lines. So if it is not raining, if it is not super windy you don’t necessarily need to, you know, stake out the guide out points on the tent, but if you choose to do so, it makes it really easy to stake that out. If you are not using it, the lines are out of your way and in that convenient little pocket. The dimensions of the Kelty Outfitter Pro 3 are 88 inches by 75 inches, so you have plenty of room for three 20 inch sleeping mats side by side. If you are going to have any sort of gear inside your tent, I mean there are the two vestibules so you have plenty of space for gear, but it might be more suitable for two people if you like to sprawl out and have more room. There are a few features. There is three storage pockets on the inside of the tent. There is also this panel up there that will vent the tent a little bit more if you choose to use that. With all of its great features, its durability, easy set up, it is great for any group camping or backpacking and camping that you are going to be, you know, extended use.


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