Kelty LumaTwist LED Camping Lantern Video


The LumaTwist from Kelty is a nice, compact lantern and what it's got are two panels. These panels can be twisted in a 360-degree fashion. They tuck away for storage so you've got this nice little cube with a handle when you're ready to take it from place to place. And it puts out an impressive amount of light – 140 Lumens to be exact when you're using both panels. You do have the option to press that switch again and just use a single panel, which extends the battery life significantly. And one more press of the switch will turn both panels off. With both panels running, you'll get about 42 hours of burn time. Knock it down to just one panel and you'll get 105 hours of burn time. This model here is the white-bodied model. It will also be available in black with the same orange, anodized aluminum accents. This body is a rugged ABS plastic and houses the 4 D-cell batteries here right on the bottom.


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