Kelty LumaTrail LED Lantern Video


The LumaTrail is an LED lantern from Kelty. This is a great campsite lantern to be used. It's a nice, small height at 6.3 inches and weighs in at 7 ounces before batteries. It's got this rugged, plastic housing and these anodized aluminum ribs to reinforce the body itself and to protect the plastic reflector here that houses a single LED. It's got a nice push-button switch with 3 settings. So your first setting is high, your second setting is low and the third setting is off. At its highest setting, you'll get 13 hours of burn time. At its lowest setting, you'll get 99 hours of burn time. You've got this nice handle with a hook that can be used to hook onto the top of a gear loop in a tent, which makes it a nice versatile option that fits into the other line of Kelty lighting that we've use to light this shoot. This is the LumaTrail that's available in white. It is also available in a black body with the same orange, anodized aluminum accents.


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