Kelty LumaTech LED Backpacking Lantern Video


The LumaTech Lantern from Kelty is an LED lantern that's suitable for backpacking or camping use. This little package weighs in at 5.6 ounces, it's 5.5 inches tall and it's constructed completely of anodized aluminum, short of the reflector and lamp housing. It's got this nice little clip here on the top. This can be used to hang up the lantern. It's also got this nice little hook that sits on the front of it that can be used to hang it off a gear loft loop in a tent. This lantern will give you 13 hours of burn time on its highest setting and 99 hours of burn time on its low setting. You've got a simple 3-setting switch on the front. First click is high. Second click is low. Third click is off. So this is just one piece in the line of Kelty lighting that's very versatile for use on your campsites. So versatile, in fact, that we used it to light this entire video shoot. The LumaTech is available in this anodized orange color that you see here. It's also available in black with contrasting orange Kelty logos.


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