Kelty LumaPivot LED Camping Lantern Video


The LumaPivot LED Lantern from Kelty is a really versatile little lighting piece. It runs on 6 AA batteries and a really unique feature about the LumaPivot is these panels. These panels have 15 LEDs per piece for a total of 30 LEDs which will put out 110 Lumens. This panel can be pivoted a full 350 degrees - the same as the back panel. You've got a single switch that turns on both panels at its first setting. You can see that you can focus lighting however you would like. Hit the switch again and you can use just a single panel. This is nice if you're car camping as a reading lamp or to focus light in just one area. And a second push of the button turns everything off. Your panels store down against the body very nicely. All the weight because the batteries are stored in the bottom of the case here, it stays nicely balanced and you do have the anodized aluminum handle on the top which you can use to hang this piece up or carry it from place to place. So that is the LumaPivot LED lantern from Kelty. It's also available in a model with a black housing that maintains the same orange anodized aluminum accents.


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