Kelty LumaCamp LED Camping Lantern Video


The LumaCamp LED Lantern from Kelty is a true base camping and car-camping lantern. This piece puts off an impressive amount of light – 170 Lumens to be exact. And it does this by using 4 D-cell batteries and 2 LEDs. I'm going to switch it on and you'll notice how these two smaller lanterns kind of dim in comparison to the LumaCamp. The LumaCamp gives you a very nice, wide dispersed light that is very smooth. Because of using the 2 LEDs in this unique reflector housing, which we'll show you close-up later, you get a very smooth light output and this lights up a nice area in your camp. So the body of the LumaCamp is constructed of a rugged, ABS plastic and you've also got these anodized aluminum ribs that help protect the lamp housing and reflector. On the top of the LumaCamp, we've got a carry handle that folds out. It's also got a nice hook here that you can use to attach it to a gear loop in a tent or put over a paracord line that you've got hung up at the campsite. Last but not least there is a battery indicator right above the rheostat switch and this battery indicator will show you green when your batteries are good and will progress to red as your batteries run out over the use of the lamp. So the LumaCamp has a very unique reflector built in here. And this is reflecting the 2 LEDs that are installed in it. You've got a single touch button that can dim this light. Just hold it in and it's going to be tough to see here that the light dims down, just because of the way the camera wants to work against us. But that light can be dimmed all the way down to its lowest setting. At its highest setting, you will get 17 hours of burn time off the 4 D-cell batteries. At its lowest setting, you'll get 170 hours of burn time. The LumaCamp is available in this white body here with the orange aluminum accents. It's also available in a black model with the same orange anodized aluminum accents.


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