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I am wearing the Kelty Lakota 65 backpack and this is another very durable pack in Kelty’s trail line that works great for weekend backpacking trips, extended day hiking and it has got a lot of organizational features, so it makes it great for travel as well. So we are going to take a closer look at the suspension system. You see this one single aluminum stay. This transfers the weight right to your hips. And so in Kelty’s smaller volume packs you just have that one stay instead of two which makes it a little bit lighter weight. I will mention that the back panel is not adjustable. So this comes in two sizes, small-medium and medium-large. So you do want to make sure you are getting the right size for your torso length. The hip belt, as well, is not adjustable, but it does have this patented cinch cord on the side so you can really cinch that down to make sure you are carrying the weight right on your hips. If I lift the pack up a little bit you can see this different coloring on the bottom of the sort of the lumbar pad right here. And this is sort of a rubberized pad down here, so it really sticks to the small of your back and makes sure that it is not moving around, so... and, you know, that is a great feature to have on the lumbar pad of the pack. We mentioned this is a top loading pack, but it does have a lot of pockets and a lot of organization which makes it great for on the trail and for travel. The first pocket I will mention is the hip belt pocket. It is pretty sizable. You can get a granola bar, cell phone, camera in there. It has got a stretchy mesh pocket on each side. So you can put a water bottle in there. I have a pair of light weight trekking poles. And a nice feature about the pocket here its hat you have a hole that sticks out. You can put this cinch strap underneath so you can still have your water bottle in there and make that tight or you can put it over top like I have with the trekking poles in there so it will, you know, cinch that down and keep it tight. Moving to the front of the pack you have a large top pocket. I just have an extra layer in there so it is big enough to put a jacket or whatever you would need to put in the top, really shallow pocket up here for a map or something really small. You obviously have your top loading access. You have a big U-shaped pocket here. You can stick some, you know, smaller items to really organize that. So that opens really wide, really easy to use. Nice handle on the front. And even though it is top loading you have a really long zipper that runs almost the whole length of the pack down to the bottom compartment where you can get into the bottom of your pack, into the top. So that makes it really nice to be ale to access any part of the pack. Going towards the bottom this is what a lot of people call the sleeping bag compartment. And this also opens really wide. So almost the whole bottom of the pack will open up and allow you to get to the bottom of the pack. You do have a divider in between the bottom section of the pack and the top that you can sort of take out so you don’t need to have the division there. It is hydration compatible, so you can put a water bladder in there. And another thing I will mention. You can see this blue zipper pull is a different color than the rest of the pack. And that just shows you that it comes with a nice rain cover. And I won’t pull that all the way out, but, you know, it is a nice color. It matches the pack and it goes right into its own little pocket. So that comes standard with the pack. All in all the Lakota 65 is an excellent full featured back pack at a great price from Kelty.


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