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Kelty Folding Cooler Video

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Kelty Folding Cooler

Kelty Folding Cooler


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We are going to take a look at the Kelty folding cooler. This cooler comes in three dif-ferent sizes, a small, medium and a large. We have got the medium here today. And the real story with this cooler is going to be that, as you can see, it packs flat so when it is not in use, so in storage in your house it is a pretty small... it takes up a little bit of space. We are going to open it up and show you what it looks like as well as cover some of the fea-tures on it. So to keep it in this flat shape you have got a couple of toggle points, one on each side here. They are really quick and easy to undo. So you undo those first. You have got zip-pers. Very important item here. It comes with a bottle opener attached. This is a pretty burly zipper. It runs around the edge of the cooler and I want to point out here on the top this is made from a molded EVA so it is real supportive and stiff. It can get wet, but it is extremely light weight. And you can see there are four cup holders here. So when we lift this up and open it up, you see the inside. Pops up pretty quick and easy here. You have got four panels that open up here that are going to give it its support. And as you can see, the walls of the cooler are just going to kind of fold up here. Now the back side of each of these walls has Velcro on it. And it attaches into the Velcro points on the inside of this material. So that gives it a little bit of a structure there. And then inside of that you have got a waterproof liner that is going to Velcro onto the top of these pieces all the way around. So this waterproof interior is going to be great, because it means you can go ahead and dump ice in there, dump water in there, have it melt if you happen to leave it open or you are trying to thaw the whole thing out after a nice weekend camping. They do include a couple of cozies for bottled beverages. And, as you can see, the whole thing looks a little bit more like a cooler now. It packs up. You can use those zippers again to keep it shut. It has got a couple of haw loops here, one on each side. The bottom actually has some sturdy feet built into it. And, again, you have got that really sturdy reinforced EVA material on the bottom. It is also quite durable so you can go ahead and take it wherever you need to take it. We will open it up one more time to give you a look inside. But, as you can see, it is ba-sically a cooler. The walls are insulated so it is definitely going to keep your food and your drinks as cold as a normal cooler would. The story here is that it is just is collapsible. It is much easier to store when it is not in use. It is pretty easy to take with you anywhere. Again, it is Kelty’s folding cooler and they have got three different sizes. This is the me-dium. The larger one is a bit bigger. The smaller one is a bit smaller. It kind of meets your needs whether you are just doing a day trip or a picnic, if you are doing a weekend camping or if you are going for a full base camp adventure.


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