Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack Video


The Kelty Coyote 80 is another durable design by Kelty that has got a very high load capacity. It makes it a great pack for traveling abroad or taking it into the back country. If we take a look at the suspension system on the Coyote 80, Kelty uses the cloud lock suspension system. And on their higher carrying capacity back packs they use two aluminum light beam stays. Now that helps the load to be transferred right to the hip belt so you can carry your heavy... you can carry heavier loads more easily. The pack is adjustable and it does come in two sizes. So the small medium adjusts from about 14 to 18 inches and the medium large adjusts from about 17 to 21 inches. I have about a 16 and a half inch torso and the small medium fits my torso just fine. This pack is loaded with really smart pockets. So it is great for traveling. It is also great for taking in the back country. We will start out with the hip belt pockets. There is a sizable pocket on both sides of the hip belt for electronics or food and snacks, whatever you would need to put in there. On the side you have two big pockets, big enough to handle a water bottle on both sides. You can also put a water bottle in the stretchy mesh pocket here. This side pocket is not connected completely to the pack so you can actually put gear behind this pocket. You can carry trekking poles there. You can put your sleeping mat, whatever you should need to put in that area. Going back to the front of the pack, it has got a large U shaped pocket right in the front. You can open that up like a piece of luggage, store extra layers in there. This is also a great place you can put maps or electronics and it even has a little key hook there. The same U shape design in the pocket on the top of the pack allows you to open this pocket up as well and really lay that out. There is a mesh panel right here so that allows you to sort of keep all of your gear inside even when you have opened the pocket. But this is another great, great option for travel if you are using this as more of a luggage piece. You can zip that back up. You have access to the top of the pack, obviously, by this closure up here. And a great feature of the Coyote is that this top part actually comes off and will convert into a lumbar pack. So you can take this off and go on a day trip if you are traveling. You don’t have to carry an extra little bag with you. You can just, you know, take this right off of your pack. On the top panel you have a small pocket. A great place for a map or smaller items. And you have a bigger pocket in the back. The sides are identical and you do have a port for a hydration bladder as well. So this is hydration compatible. If you are not carrying a full load on the Coyote 80, there are compression straps on the side. So you can really compress that down to secure all of your gear inside. We will mention this nice carry handle on the front of the pack if you are using it as a luggage piece. It is really convenient to just pick it up that way. The other thing I will mention. I had this pack on earlier and although it fits my torso, this is not a women’s specific pack, so, you know, keep in mind that the shoulder straps are a little wide and a little bit long, you know, for a women’s fit. The Coyote 80 does come in a women’s specific pack. So that is another option. But all in all the features, the cost effective price point of the pack and the versatility make it a great pack for any adventure.


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