Kelty Coromell 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Video


The Kelty Coromell 20 degree down sleeping bag is sort of a hybrid between your traditional mummy style sleeping bag and a rectangular sleeping bag. If you are familiar with the Kelty Cosmic down 20 degree, it is sort of a bigger, roomier version of that sleeping bag. And we will get into the details in a little bit. We mentioned the semi rectangular shape of the Coromell 20 degree down bag. And I will mention that this is a great bag for someone who is traveling who will be using the bag as, you know, your traditional camping sleeping bag, but also maybe using it as a blanket or a comforter, you know, in other applications. The zipper of this sleeping bag runs the entire length of the sleeping bag and you can see that it is pretty flat at the top. So if you want to use this as a blanket or a comforter, it is great for that. The zipper will extend all the way down to the opposite corner of the sleeping bag so that is the bottom of the sleeping bag when it is completely opened up. Again, great for blanket use. The Coromell 20 down is 550 fill power down. And so you do have a good amount of compressibility. It is not your lightest weight option, so, you know, it wouldn’t be considered a... for light weight back packing, but the regular size weighs in right at three pounds. And the long weighs in at three pounds five ounces. So for the occasional back packer, this could also be an option. I do want to show you the closure at the top. You can transform this to a semi mummy shaped bag by closing the top of that and allowing a little bit more warmth. The other feature I will mention: Along the zipper you do have a baffle that is going to keep you a little bit warmer, free from drafts and that sort of thing. All in all this is a great cost effective bag for any traveler or a back packer camper.


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