Katadyn Pocket Water Filter


The Katadyn Pocket is the longest lasting and most rugged filter available. For over half a century, the Pocket has been trusted on countless expeditions and backcountry trips.

It is built for a lifetime of use. In fact, the Pocket is the only water filter that comes with a lifetime warranty. Most water filters last around 200 gallons before cartridges need replacement. The Pocket uses Katadyn’s unique silver impregnated ceramic and provides up to 13,000 gallons of treated water. That’s over 60 times more durable that a typical water filter.

The Pocket filter is very easy to use. Simply place the input hose and pre-filter into untreated water, connect the output hose to your water container, and pump. The ceramic filter removes harmful microorganisms and sediment. The pocket filter performs in the most challenging conditions. It is easily cleaned to restore flow rate. Katadyn’s ceramic cartridge can be cleaned over and over again. That’s why it lasts so long.

The pocket filter is very versatile and works with a wide variety of water containers. The Pocket filter is the best choice if you are looking for a lifetime product. It is the highest quality, longest lasting water filter available.


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