Katadyn MyBottle Microfilter Video


We are going to take a look at the MyBottle microfilter by Katadyn. This is a microfilter, it is a water filter that could easily be used by anybody who spends time in the outdoors. It doesn’t matter what sort of an activity you are into. You will probably find use for this bottle. Let’s cover some details up front. This filter system is a filter. It is not a purifier filtration system. It is certified by the EPA as a filtration system and that means it is going to re-move basic bacteria such as {?}. It is going to remove cysts as well as {?}. And the filter itself is good for 26 waters of water or about 100 liters of water. So let’s take a look at the components with the MyBottle microfilter. You have your bot-tle which holds your water. It includes a straw for folks that are planning to use this sometimes with the filter, sometimes without, just as water bottle in which case you can use the straw for drinking convenience. This is your microfilter itself. It is replicable and would need to be replaced after that 26 gallons or so. This is your pre filter and carbon filter which is also replaceable after that 26 gallons. And this is the lid of the bottle. It has a drinking spout as well as a hook closure here and this is a pretty solid piece of plastic. So you could easily use this to clip it onto the kayak or a backpack. The MyBottle microfilter is a real simple design. Basically take the filter which is attached to the lid, it fits inside the bottle and screws on tight and you fill the bottle with water. And then you can drink from it and the water will be filtered as you drink through the bottle. The Katadyn MyBottle microfilter is going to be a great option for anybody who spends time in the outdoors, is looking for a solution to filter water from lakes, rivers or streams and anywhere that you would normally stow a water bottle, you can easily stow the Katadyn MyBottle microfilter.


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