Katadyn Hiker Microfilter Video


We are going to take a look at the Katadyn Hiker microfilter. This is a light weight backpacking water filtration option. And it is a microfilter so it will remove bacteria {?} and {?} from your water. It is not a purifier and will not remove viruses. Capacity for the hiker is going to be about 200 gallons. And that really depends upon the quality of water that you are filtering. So dirtier or muddier water is definitely going to fill the cartridge and it will require replacement at that point a lot sooner than if you were pumping a clear water with less contaminate in it. So overall you can expect to get about 200 gallons out of this filtration system. This system does use a synthetic cartridge and we will pop it out here and take a look. We can see there is the synthetic filtration system set up. You have got kind of a folded material so you have got tons and tons and tons of pores there that the water needs to be forced through in order for filtration. It easily screws back in there. That is the piece that you will be replacing when this filter cartridge is completely clogged and finished. It is a plunger style filter so you can see here is your plunging mechanism. So it is kind of an easy up and down motion with the hand. And your in hose anchors here. So a hose that is coming from dirty water and going in will anchor into this point and the output hose anchors up here at the top. Katadyn does include some other items here to work with the filter and just some things to make it a little bit more convenient. Obviously we talked about those hoses earlier. So here is your output hose. This is a pre filter at the end. This is the part that would hang in the water. You do have a little bit of a flotation device here to keep it from sinking and picking up mud and silt at the bottom of a creek or a stream. And that easily tucks away into this storage sack they are including here. We also see the other sack is called outlet hose. So basically this is going to be your dirty hose and the outlet hose is going not be your clean hose. You don’t really want to get whatever sort of microorganisms and bacteria might be on that one that came from the creek on the clean hose. So they are giving you another sealable bag to stow it in. The whole thing can stow inside the black storage sack. So here is that clean outlet hose. You do get a couple of little options here to make this a recall convenient for using with a whole different variety of water containers. So here is a piece that will easily attach into any sort of a hydration bladder. Easily connects into a hose there so you can fill a hydra-tion bladder with this. You don’t need to have a water bottle necessarily. And then this is an option. You can see a couple of different levels here that will fit inside a variety of size water bottles and you can pump into those instead. General maintenance for this filter is going to be pretty simple. Katadyn does include a little bottle of... a little tube of silicone lubricant. This is for the plunging mechanism. You just need to kind of dab a couple of bits there to keep this flowing smoothly when it starts to feel a little stiff or like it is scraping. Other thing you just want to do is when this is not in use, when it has been wet and you have filtered water, you want to unplug that cartridge for long term storage. You will want it to be completely dry before you do stow it away for long term storage. The best way to do that is to take it outside of the filter housing. Let it dry in the sun or at home on a table or windowsill or somewhere where it air connects. Does it very easily. So that is a look at the Katadyn Hiker microfilter. It weighs in at 11 ounces. It has an out-put flow of about one liter per minute, so it is pretty quick. It is very light weight, packa-ble. This filter along with all the items we looked at earlier does stow inside the black storage sack. So it is not going to take up much room in your pack. It is an excellent op-tion for anyone doing some backpacking. If you are just doing some back country travel or even looking for some of an option to put in some sort of an emergency or a survival kit. It is the Katadyn Hiker microfilter.


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