Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter Video


The Katadyn Basecamp is the best water filter for families, groups, or base camps. It effortlessly provides up to two and a half gallons of water in just fifteen minutes.

For safety, the Basecamp uses the same pleated filtration technology as other high performance Katadyn products. The unique filter protector is easy to clean and extends the life of the replaceable cartridge.

The Basecamp is simple to use and offers many benefits. Simply fill the bag with untreated water, hang near your campsite, and let gravity do the rest of the work. You’ll have plenty of fresh drinking water for your entire campsite. No need to make more trips back and forth to the water source to pump more water.

The Basecamp is easy to use and offers groups many benefits over traditional pumping style water filters. With the Basecamp you can treat water on demand instead of hauling it long distances. It’s the easiest way to have fresh drinking water always available to you.


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