Jetboil Sol Aluminum Cooking System Video


We have here with us a Jetboil Sol Aluminum. It’s a lightweight backpacking stove and we’re going to take a look at some of its features. The Sol Aluminum is made out of aluminum. It’s a very lightweight pot, as you can see here, and it does use Jetboil’s well known and unique flux ring design on the bottom. That really makes the stove super efficient as far as burn times go and it also helps reduce wind cutting into the stove and blowing that flame around. This is the stove itself, the fuel canister is not included with this, but it does attach here on the bottom and here is your burner with auto start feature. This is where the spark will come out when you push the auto start button. On the side you have your flame adjustment and control. Also included is a pot support. These little feet fold out and this sets on top of here and can be locked in; if you wanted to use a larger pot, not this one, but something larger will fit on there. It also includes a base for the canister. So you can take the fuel canister and lock it into here. You have a couple of different settings and you can see the notch here for a larger fuel canister, and that just supports the whole thing a bit better. This is the base cup that comes with the Jetboil Sol Aluminum and you can use it as a cup but it is also designed to fit over the bottom of the cup and locks on there, so it protects all of that while your packing it and keeps the flux ring protected from damage and scratches. On the top you’ve got a lid made out of the same lightweight plastic. It’s a heat resistant plastic that’s flexible and easy to clean. You have a drinking of pouring spout here and a strainer spout here. It has a nice clean fit over the top of the pot and it fits on it securely. On the side of the Sol Aluminum there is a handle which is part of the integrated cozy. That’s everything we’re looking at here that fits loosely around the pot. It’s a sleeve that allows you to handle the pot while it’s hot and potentially even while it’s cooking. At the side you see a temperature gauge and as the stove is running and heats up this thermometer here will change color and you get an idea of what temperature the stove is at and basically it gives you more information about when your stove is coming to a boil so you can be a bit more efficient and save more fuel. So you’ve got the handle here and on the other side there is an extra patch of fabric; spoons and silverware is not included but it is nice place to tuck you spoon in at camp and keep it all together in one spot. Jetboil Sol Aluminum weighs in at 10.5 ounces. It is very lightweight and very compact canister stove cook system. It is geared towards backpackers or solo hikers and folks that are looking to make meals that only require boiling water for food; they want it to be quick and simple and easy to pack up and ready to go. This is an upright canister stove which makes for a taller cooking system. Jetboil does use their Thermo-regulate burner on this model which makes it very suitable for fast and consistent boil times down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typical of any canister stove. Jetboil does use their 4-season mix in their canisters in regards to pressurization so this stove will burn very consistently down to that 20 degree temperature and a bit below. If you’re having problems with that you can always tuck that canister in a jacket pocket to keep it warm and potentially get this thing going at temperatures down into the teens and single digits. A nice feature to the Sol Aluminum is that all the components that you need to operate the stove pack away inside of it nice and cleanly. The first piece would be the canister stand and that goes in the bottom first. Second piece is going to be the stove base itself. You’re going to flip this piece upside down and make sure your flame adjustment control is folded in underneath and out of the way. You’ll set that in next. Then you’ll take your canister, which is not included when you buy this, and you’re going to set that in on top. The last piece is the pot support system. Make sure all the tabs are folded in, flip that upside down and it rests right on top there. The lid fits on the top and it’s one nice, tight, lightweight, little package.


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