Icebreaker Men's Relay and Women's Bolt SS Tees


I am wearing the Icebreaker men’s Relay short sleeve crew and I have got the women’s Bolt short sleeve crew, similar design on both of these made of high performance New Zealand marina wool. Feels great next to skin, excellent anti microbial properties. Makes a great technical layer and a year round base layer. Definitely an athletic cut to these shirts. I am wearing a medium, definitely appropriate fit. So you can see that it is definitely a base layer piece or something that you would wear as a stand alone, nothing underneath it. As far as design features are concerned here, everything is meant to enhance the freedom of movement or motion. So you have got flat lock seams throughout the shirts. It cuts down on any kind of chafing or potential hot spots. You can see the rag land sleeves here. So, again, just promotes movement and motion. There is gusseted underarms so you don’t have any seams directly beneath the arms. Between that and the nice 150 gram jersey material, just really excellent next to skin comfort allows you to do whatever you want to do and it... from aerobic purposes, certainly trail running, fast and light hiking, cycling, just a great piece here. Again, Icebreaker’s women’s Bolt and the men’s Relay short sleeve crew.


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