Ibex Wool Aire Hoody Video


I am wearing the innovative Wool Aire hoody from Ibex. Traditionally, insulated pieces have relied on synthetic fill or goose down fill. The Wool Aire hoody is insulated with marina wool. Some excellent benefits to using marina wool over some of the other mate-rials that we have discussed. Unlike down insulation, should marina wool become wet, it can still keep you warm. It doesn’t lose its ability to insulate. Unlike synthetic fill you don’t need nearly as much of it to keep you warm. It has got stronger insulative properties than most of the synthetic fills available. Because of that, I have got a really low profile jacket. This can be worn under heavier layers. I can also wear light weight based layers beneath it. Another benefit worth mentioning here, wool, obviously is sustainable. So a recycled shell on the outside of this jacket and then the sustainable wool inside makes this a really eco friendly piece. A couple of points of adjustability on the Wool Aire hoody. You have got elastic cuffs, also a single adjustment point here on the hem. It is, obviously, a hooded jacket and there is also a point of adjustability on the back of the hood. Several pockets on the Wool Aire hoody. You have got zippered hand warmer pockets here at the front of the jacket, also a zippered, asymmetrical chest pocket. On the interior of the Wool Aire hoody there is an additional pocket, a mesh pocket for storing obviously inside the jacket, but you can also stuff the jacket inside that pocket of easy compression. It makes it easy to store or put inside your back pack. The Wool Aire hoody, light weight compressibility, sustainable materials, just a great layering piece for any type of cool and cold weather outdoor activity.


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