How to Use the Safety Leash on a Glove or Mitt


A lot of gloves and mitts come with an extra feature inside the gauntlet. It’s a removable cord. Sometimes it’s called an idiot cord or a safety leash or security cord. The idea behind this is that you can attach the glove or mitt to your wrist, be able to pull your hands out and have use of your fingers and good dexterity and then put your hands back in, without having to hold onto the gloves and without losing them. So to use the safety leash, you’re going to pull the cordlock all the way out to the end so you’ve got a big opening. You’re going to slide your hand through it, hold the end tab, here, then take the cordlock and cinch it down around your wrist. Then take your hand and put it in the glove; this can either dangle or you can tuck it inside the gauntlet. So after I’ve secured that idiot cord to my wrist and let’s say I’m out skiing and I get on the lift and I need to use my hands to blow my nose or use my hands for something detailed like pulling out my I-phone and calling someone for lunch, all I need to do is take my hand out, the idiot cord secures the glove to my wrist and now I have my hands free to do what I need to do without dropping my mittens. When I get to the end of the lift I’m going to tuck my hands back in and I’m all set to go.


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