How to Take a Heavy Pack On and Off Video


To lift a heavy pack up off the ground and onto your back you’re going to grab the haul loop in the back and the shoulder strap, you’re going to slide it up your leg, bend at the knee so you make a shelf with your thigh for it to sit on. Then you’re going to take this arm and slide it through; bring your arm around and lift the pack from underneath and hoist it onto your back. So now I’ve got a heavy pack on my back and I need to get it to the ground. What I’ll do is put a leg out and bend at the knee to give myself a shelf. Take one arm out. Grab the shoulder strap with the opposite arm, hand underneath the back of the pack, twist it around at the hips and set it on the thigh. Then reach my arm under and grab the haul loop and a shoulder strap and slide it down my leg to the ground.


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