How to Choose a Sleeping Bag Quick Care Tips Video


Here are some quick care tips for your sleeping bag after you have chosen the right one. Caring for your sleeping bag is going to make it last a lot longer, so be sure to follow the specific instructions attached to your sleeping bag exactly. I have got all kinds of bags here—down, synthetic, treated down—and each of them may have very specific washing instructions. Washing them and drying them in a way that isn’t instructed may compromise the life and the integrity of your sleeping bag. Second thing I want to mention is just storage. So as much as possible, you are going to want to store your sleeping bag in an uncompressed state. So I have a bag here. You know, sometimes sleeping bags do come with what we call a storage sack. That is this big mesh storage sack. You just stuff the sleeping bag in there and store it in a very dry area. The second kind of bag that may come with your sleeping bag is just a stuff sack. And this doesn’t have any compression straps on it, but you can see it is a lot smaller than the storage sack. This is something you may want to travel with, but you don’t want to store the sleeping bag like this for long periods of time. The third may be a compression sack and these are great when you are traveling, when you are back packing. You can really cinch the bag down so it saves weight and saves space, rather, in your pack. You definitely don’t want to store your sleeping bag in a very compressed state for long periods of time. Fine when you are traveling, fine when you are back packing, but not at home. Each sleeping bag will have specific washing instructions on there. So, you know, if you want to cut that off definitely save it or just keep it on your bag. It doesn’t have a lot of extra weight. All in all, care for your sleeping bag and love your sleeping bag and it will last a long time.


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