How to Adjust Trekking Poles for Proper Fit Video

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There are a lot of different trekking poles on the market and most of them are adjustable. Here’s a couple of tips on how to adjust those poles to fit you properly. For use on flat ground and slightly varying terrain, a properly adjusted trekking pole will have your elbow at a fairly, right angle to your body. You’re hand should reach out and be able to grasp the pole comfortably. You’ll need to know how to adjust your trekking pole and you’ll want to start lengthening the sections out until you get to a point where you adjust them to be snug and then stand and see if they fit. Check to see if you elbow is relatively at a right angle. Is it too low? If it’s angled down like this then you will need to lengthen the pole some more to give it a bit more height. If you hand is up here and you elbow is beyond the right angle, then you’ll want to shorten the length a little bit to make the pole not so long. Most trekking poles come with a series of graduated markings. This allows you to figure out which adjustment is going to be right for you so every time you use your poles you can go right to that measurement and be certain that it will be properly adjusted to fit you. Most trekking poles also come with simple straps that can be adjusted. On this basic model you can pull the loose end of this to tighten the strap and make the wrist strap shorter. Or you can pull the other end out to make the wrist strap wider and the simple tensioning device inside the pole handle locks when you weight the strap with your hand and won’t loosen while you use it. Some other models have a bit more in depth strap adjustment. On this model there is a locking device on the top. You pull up on the handle and it releases that locking mechanism and then you can loosen and tighten the strap. All you need to do it pull the strap back down to lock it. Most trekking poles have some sort of adjustment of this type and if you are not certain how to adjust the pole that you have you should check with the manufacturer for details. So, once you’ve adjusted your strap to a comfortable length you’re going to put your hand through the strap, down, not this way, you’re not going to come up through the strap. So run your hand down through the strap and move the tail out of the way, it just kind of hangs to the side, and you’re going to grasp the handle. This way, when the strap is weighted it is cradling your hand and you can still grab onto the pole. Most trekking poles come with extremely adjustable lengths. If you are on the very tall or very short end of the height spectrum you’ll want to double check on the poles length before you buy it to make sure it’s of a length that suits your body type.


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