Hillsound Trail Crampon Video


Available in a wide array of sizes and fitting easily over a broad range of footwear, the Hillsound Trail crampon delivers reliable traction for diverse winter terrain and varying weather conditions. The Trail crampon, again, has a very simple slip on design. It will fit either foot. There is no right, left designation. There is a call out on the {?} harness to the front of the device and also the back of the device. Slip the front over the toe of the shoe or on the harness over the heel and it will secure properly into place. There is also a mid foot strap that runs across the front of your foot and further secures the Trail crampon in place. The {?} harness, despite being very light weight, is also extremely durable. It is bolstered and reinforced at the points where the stainless steel chain meets the harness. Turning the shoe underfoot you can see that that stainless steel chain connects to a couple of different traction plates, one here at the heel, another here at the forefoot which has a hinged point back to two teeth. It sits a little further back onto the mid foot. These are heat treated carbon steel teeth, very strong, very durable and they provide ex-cellent traction in both ice and snow. The Hillsound Trail crampon is sold in pairs and, again, does come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you get a proper fit for excellent wear traction.


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