Helinox Cot One Video


This is the Helinox Cot One. It is incredibly light weight, really packs down small, but also very stable, very sturdy and able to support a lot of weight. We are going to take a little closer look at what it is made of and how you put it together. Here is the Cot One in its stuff sack. You can see at 21.7 inches long and 5.9 inches in diameter it is maybe on the large side for backpacking though you could pull it off. But it is pretty optimally sized for camping. And, again, definitely a light weight option for camping. I am going to pull out the different pieces here that make up the cot, a little more. This will be the tension fabric that you actually end up laying on during the night. These are your bottom frames, three of those, so basically the legs of the cot. And then we have got two side frames. Take a closer look at how all that goes together to make he Cot One. On the underside of the cot fabric are printed detailed instructions on putting the cot to-gether, also taking the cot apart. The first thing you will want to do is assemble the side frames. I have already put one of these together. It is already in place. Integrated sleeves on either side of the cot fabric. Hard to get that wrong. You just follow the track and slide it up to the other end. There are entry points, obviously on the end of the cot fabric, but it also once assembled is positioned in such a way that it stays in place. Moving from there on to the actual bottom frames you can see a kind of similar to a tent pole design. And these are Dac aluminum poles that we are using similar, again, to what you would find on backpacking tents. Definitely some broader tubing being used here than you will find on most actual backpacking tents. Simple connection point there. You can see that you have got nice stable feet at the bottom and then cups more left that at-tach to each of the side frames. So you click that one in place, open the tension arm at this side so that that is clicked into place and then you ratchet that down until you hear that positive lock. We will do that two more times and then we are ready to turn the Cot One over. Once you have attached the base frames to the side frames you have got a 72 inch long by 27 and a half inch wide sleeping base. It weighs all of 4.4 pounds, but comfortably supports up to 320 pounds. So you have got sturdy, stable base. You can see it sits about six inches off the ground. So you have got nice clearance. Most backpacking style pads are 20 inches wide in width. Camping style pads may be a little wider, but you really do have all the base you need from the Helinox Cot One for a comfortable night of sleep outdoors or indoors.


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