GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker Cook System Video


This is a Gsi Outdoors Pinnacle Backpacker cooking system, It's got everything you need for back country food preparation and also for eating, you've got cups, you've got bowls, you've got pans, you've even got a wash basin. We'll take a closer look at the individual elements that make up this all in one set. let's look first at the pieces that you need to use for actual cooking, you've got a 2 liter [part] anodized aluminum pan, nice textured surface underneath here for setting on top of backpacking or camping stoves, this material gives a nice, even heating surface, so nice pot for boiling water but actually for soups and stews and sauces, there's a non stick surface on the interior of the pot that makes cleaning up easy, for fry pan here that mirrors the pot in its construction, again that textured surface beneath and the non stick surface on top, very abrasion resistant material as well. On each of these pieces you'll see a connection point for the nForm Pot Gripper, nice little button on here that makes this attach securely, simple to use, easy to take off of the pot, here's also a lid included that can be used on either the fry pan or on the pot itself to keep the contents warm or things covered as you're simmering, there's a pass through points in here so this could actually serve as a [strainer lid] as well, and you got a nice lightweight, innovative little tab on top that makes it easy and convenience to take that lid on and off. The Pinnacle backpacker includes four mugs or bowls depending on how you want to utilize them, they're color coded makes it nice if you're traveling two backpackers together or more than just a [solo] user, two of these mugs, mug bowls do have insulating covers on the outside, also has a nice feel in the hand and two sip through lids are included and help to keep contents more cool but you can also drink right through that lid. This last piece that we're going to look at is the storage sack or the overwrap for the system, there also is a fully welded interior that allows this to work as a backcountry washbasin or sink, really nice little touch on that piece, the entire system...entire Pinnacle backpacker system nests into one single unit, inside the pot there and drop the cups, the mugs, also that gripper, you could put a small compact, backpacking stove, obviously sold separately in here or utensils, drop the [strainer lid] into place, the fry pan on the top of that and then the strap buckles into place on the top and again you've got one single unit measuring 8.2 X 5.4 inches and weighing right around 28 ounces, Pinnacle Backpacker Cook system got everything you need for backcountry cooking.


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