GSI Outdoors Crossover Kitchen Kit Video


We are taking a look at the crossover kitchen kit by GSI Outdoors. As you can see, it is going to pack into this nice, small stowable little package here. And all of these items are pretty much anything you would need on a backpacking trip to cook up your food, do clean up afterwards as well as carry a little bit of spices and seasonings to make things a little bit more exciting. So let’s take a look at the items. So inside this little pouch it unzips and on the top of the lid here is a Velcro flap and in there you have a Brillo pad, packs in there as well as small little quick dry towel that packs in there as well. In the back of the kit here there are two long like sleeve pouches, this scraper which has one soft edge. This is a silicone, other edge, orange in here, is thick. You can see there is a little hole there if you wanted to tie a piece of cord through it so you could hang it and dry or connect it to something else even. You could do that. That fits in there pretty well against the back. It doesn't really take up any extra space. They include a mini cutting boards. Seems pretty nice. It is really stiff and sturdy, but it is small and you can see it has got a little bit of tapered edges so it fits in here. It packs right up against the back of that. It gives the pouch a little bit more structure as well. And you get two small bottles. This one has a little bit of a pour spout there and the whole thing unscrews so you can add stuff to it, or if you didn’t want to use that pour spout, you could dump a lot more out at one time. You have got some little elastic cords here that will hold that in. This is a nice little ... almost like a dropper setup. That would be perfect for cooking oil, maybe Tabasco sauce, that sort of thing when you just need a couple of drops to get by. And there is a smaller elastic band in there that packs in there really nice. Other item here is pretty cool. You have got kind of a collection of ways to carry spices. The bottom here you have got a little orange tab and a place to store an extra spice tap. So as you can see this is one that would allow you to dump. It doesn’t really have a shaker spout, but it kind of packs right on the bottom there so you can swap them in and out and it is secured. And we are going to unscrew this. Both pieces come apart and you can see you have got shaker pour spout here and going to take this off and show. On the inside here you actually have a divider. So you have got one... two separate containers. Put salt in one side, pepper in the other. That little shaker spout fits not here and turns so you can do pepper. Turn it back and do salt. So a nice clean, smooth design, screws into here when it is not in use to keep it from dumping everywhere. And on the other end here in the grey it is a cap that opens. You have got a slightly different shaker spout and, again, you have those two sections inside. So you actually have a way to carry four different spices or seasonings in this that are really well secured and closed up in there in a nice tiny package. Other cooking items that come with the crossover kitchen kit are going to be the flipper, a spoon as well as some tongs. And each of these are foldable pieces, so, as you can see here, all the handles are going to fold out. There is a little kind of a divot or rivet carved in here that is going to allow that to kind of lock on there so it doesn’t want to slide back and forth. So now you have actually like a full size flipper here if you were actually doing pancakes or some sort of fancy cooking. This would come in quite handy. It does fold down when it is done so it can pack inside here. The same is true of the spoon and the tongs as well. It has two sides here that kind of unfold and you have actually got a real full size working set of tongs. These items require a little bit of twisting to get them back in. They lock in place. And they all pack in here nice and snugly. There is a zipper around the side here that holds everything in there nice and secure. On the back of the kitchen kit you do have an extra sleeve here if you do wanted to tuck maybe that Brillo pad if it is wet so it can dry. And, as you can see, you have got a couple of D rings here that allow you hang the whole thing up in a tree and let it dry out over night. It is the crossover kitchen kit from GSI Outdoors.


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