Gregory Tempo 8 Hydration Running Pack Video


I am wearing the Gregory Tempt hydration pack. Built for running the tempo packs come in three different capacities. You have got an eight liter, five liter and a three liter. I am wearing the eight liter. It has got lots of capacity for long runs, full days on the trail. It gives you easy access to fuel and gear, anything you might need. It stays out of the way. It gives you free range of motion to just concentrate on running. Unlike a backpacking pack, the ability to carry a lot of weight is not of as great an importance. You don’t have a fully framed—be it internal or external—frame on this pack. What you do have are soft, forgiving, cushioned fabrics on the back panel and a raptor stabilization feature that really pulls that pack in snug against your back, also broad straps on the harness, rather than having a narrow point on the harness that with ours of movement starts to really make itself known against the body. That flattening out actually diminishes that feeling of contact and makes this really comfortable with time. That stabilization that I mentioned and the adjustable sternum strap really pulls that pack in, in such a way that it cuts down on the bounce that happens a lot of times with traditional hydration packs. I have got to work at it to make that happen. On the go, cinched in, really stays put and, like I said, it is a comfortable ride even after hours of on the go. Going to take a look at some of the stand out organizational features on the Tempo. Again, keep in mind, we are looking at the Tempo 8. So there is a little bit more pocketing here than you would find on the most streamlined smallness versions of the pack, the Tempo 3. It being a hydration pack it seems like the best place to start there is a vertical zipper here on the side of the pack that gets you right into that two liter water bladder that is in-cluded with the pack itself. Real simple hanging loop in there that runs through the top of the bladder, gets you easy access in and out to that bladder. If you are using this in a race situation, you know, it is nice to be able to get right in there in that dedicated pocket rather than having to dig through the rest of the contents of the pack. You can see that the hose runs right up and over the shoulder strap, over the harness. There are a couple of spots that cinch that down to keep it out of your way while you are on the move. Two expandable pockets here on the side also some straps to cinch down whatever you might put in there. Another large pocket here. I have got a map book in there, all kinds of food, a little tripod for my camera. There is a small zippered pocket in there for whatever you might want to separate and organize. Another interesting feature on this pack is the dedicated trekking pole sleeve. You don’t find that on ever hydration pack out there. In fact, in most cases you need to lash it externally. In my experience, that usually leads to a poor carry. With a dedicated sleeve in here that is ideal for collapsible poles like these Blackman and Z poles. It is just a perfect fit. You don’t notice it. It is there when you


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