Gregory Pace 3 Women's Hydration Pack Video


We are going to take a closer look at the Pace hydration packs by Gregory. These packs are designed specifically for running, perfect for long days on the trail. We offer them in two different size volumes. We offer the Gregory Pace 3 and the 8. So today I am wearing the 3. Both packs are equipped with the same water bladder, so they both have a two liter water bladder. The Pace 3 is, you know, a three liter volume inside the pack and the eight is obviously eight liters. While I still have the pack on I want to show you just how comfortable and how stable this pack is. It reduces balance compared to a lot of other hydration packs that I have run in before. And part of that is contributed to the... it is called the raptor stabilization system by Gregory. You can see the shoulder harness connects to the pack at two points here and here. And, as opposed to a lot of other hydration packs that only connect at one point. You can see when I cinch this down it really makes the pack hug close tight into my body. The shoulder harness itself is built to really hug your body. And you can see it. They have really wide straps and they are a little bit stretchy so you get a really dialed in fit. This is a woman’s specific fit and the sternum strap goes across to give you, you know, adjustability there. And this piece right here it is supposed to sit right above your chest. So this does come in sort of two torso sizes, a smaller and a larger just to fit your specific body type. I will mention the wider straps are a little bit better than having, you know, a short of a really thin lighter weight strap. But after, you know, a couple of hours running on the trail those thin straps really make themselves known. This wider design really stays stable right where it needs to be and it cuts down on chafing a lot. The pocketing on this pack is really well thought out and very strategically placed. And you can tell that it was designed by runners for runners. The first pocket here you have a big stretchy mesh pocket right on the front of the harness. This is a good place to keep gels if you use them. I have got about three of them in there. And they fit pretty well in there. It is also a good place for a gel flask that would be sold separately, but, you know, it is a nice stretchy pocket so you can fit sort of anything that is smaller in there. Right above that pocket you have what is called a pill pocket. So if you have any like hydration salts or anything like that, very small pocket right here. Honestly, I use it for my trash. So you get have a {?} if you don’t know what to do with it. I just put it right in there. On the other side you have a long, longer zipper pocket. You can put a couple of gels in there as well. Big enough to fit, you know, shot blocks and that sort of thing. So pocketing on the front, very strategic. If I flip the pack around you can see the pockets on the back. Obviously harder to get to, so you actually have to take your pack off. But I do want to mention this main compartment right here. This pocket is designed specifically for black diamond Z poles. So I have got some in here. You can see it fits really well inside that pocket. It is sort of, you know, angled to the side, really easy to get out. So if you are trail running, you know, you are in more of a technical section. Get the light weight poles out and then you can collapse them down and put them right back in that pocket so they are out of the way and you don’t even know they are there. The other two pockets on the side, you have another stretching mesh pocket here with a nice pull tab. And a pocket on the other side where I have put some gels. I have a sort of a granola bar in there as well. This being a hydration specific pack we are going to open it up and look at the water bladder. And the water bladder that comes with this has its own set of special features. You have this wide or this long zipper that runs the whole length of the bag, a little Velcro strap sort of holds the hose in and then two elastic pieces that the hose goes through. And those are really easy to use. It keeps the hose right where you need it when you are running. I am actually going to take the bladder out to show you the design. So you can see this baffle that runs through the middle, this blue baffle. And that makes... it does two things. It makes the bladder a little bit flatter. So if I turn it to the side it is not this big bubble. It is more of like a flat piece. And that feels nicer against your back than it would if it was just one, you know, sort of big bubble. The other thing is that it cuts down on sloshing. So there is a little wall that goes in between there. And so once you, you know, drink half or most of the water that is in there, you don’t feel all of that sloshing going on in there and it makes it a little quieter of a pack. While I still have the pack open we are going to show a couple of other features on the inside. There is this small cord. It is almost like a compression cord that goes along side of the outside of the pocket of the bladder. And I let some of the water out of the bladder and so another feature to really cut down on water sloshing around in your pack is you have a cord that goes out the side of the pack. And it is really easy to get to, you know, when you are running so you don’t have to take the pack of to do this, but what that is going to do... See that cord on the inside. You just pull that tight and that is going to compress the bladder down even more. So if the bladder is half full or a quarter of the way full it is going to really push that down and cut down on sloshing. You have an internal pocket that is actually a waterproof pocket right here. That is a good place to keep electronics or anything that you don’t want to get wet or sweaty, you know, while you are using the pack. I want to talk about the fabric on the back panel and the fabric that goes along the inside of the shoulder harness. This is a really almost sticky fabric. If you run your hand along that you can sort of feel a resistance. This is a really nice fabric that sticks to your shirt or, you know, a fabric that you are wearing. That cuts down on a lot of balance and a lot of movement, ultimately cutting down on chafing. However, I think if you would wear this on bear skin... let’s say you were running in a sports bra, this may chafe. So I would not recommend, you know, wearing it with a sports bra. I would at least wear a tank or a really light weight running t-shirt. With its smart design and run specific features, the Gregory Pace is going to keep you out on the trail longer and it fits so well that you might even forget it is there.


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