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Gregory Cairn 58 Women's Internal Frame Backpack


We are taking a look at the Gregory Cairn 58. This pack is a women’s specific design. It has got good carrying capacity, a great load transfer as well as a... kind of a unique fea-ture set as far as access to the inside of the pack, packing it and storage space. So we are taking a look here at the suspension system on the Cairn 58 and this is what Gregory is calling the response LT suspension system. You can see you have got a really comfortable set of saying these are thermal molded straps here, shoulder straps. They are very comfortable. Really want to contour to the body and fit the user very well as well as the same with the back panel here. And they do have a wish bone frame design which is essentially an upside down wish bone. So the frame that you can’t see here is inside, comes down the sides and then anchors in here. This is where you are going to get great load transfer into the hips of the pack, which is where you want to be carrying the majori-ty of your weight while you are back packing. The hip belt itself is also made from that same material and has this great pivot point, so when you are wearing this pack, as you are climbing up and down rocks, moving, it is going to be very stable on the back of you. A lot of movement, a lot of adjustability here. it is going to be very comfortable for the wearer as well as offering good load transfer. Gregory has done a great job of thinking through all of the little details and features that a back packer wants. And this pack, we will cover a few of them here while we are on the backside of the pack. You have got all of your typical adjustment points to get a great fit. And you can see they have got like a little plastic housing here that is going to be great for holding a hydration hose. You have got multiple points to clip in access gear if you want to carry cameras or whatever you have there. You do have zippered pockets on the hip belt for stowing small items. And the sternum strap is removable. This is a really clean, streamlined design where you get kind of like a metal hook buckle here so you can easily take the sternum strap off, put it back on and you can use those lash points to move that sternum strap up and down so you get the best fit. They do have a really nice little zip pocket here stash. It fits into the back side under those side pockets on this pack so it gives you some good access to another storage option while you are wearing the pack. So the real unique story on this pack is going to be that Gregory incorporates their trail smart packing system into the design. And I want to give you a quick layout of what that means. So they have organized kind of the pocketing where you can stow items based on the type of items you are carrying and how many times a day you need to access them. So the main body of the pack which, you know, they are dubbing the camp area, are going to be items that are fairly dense and bulky and your sleeping bag, maybe your clothes or food for the night, cooking gear, is designed to fit in there. This is something that you really only need at camp. You stow it into the pack. You don't access it again until you get to camp at the end of the day. The front part of the bag here through this darker green area we are seeing in the multiple pockets behind it are going to be this second section which are items that... great places to stow items that you user going to need access maybe one to two times a day, could be a first aid or your rain gear, maybe a flash light, those sort of things. And then you have got a series of pocketing and stash places around the outside of the pack here which are items that you are going to need frequently, you know, your camera, your chapstick, sunscreen, sun glasses, all those things you want to get to and you want to be able to have quick ac-cess to them so you can catch a picture of something on the go and not have to stop and root through your pack to find those items. So the first specific feature I want to cover is part of that packing system that you access one or two times a day. And I think this is really cool. It is the first time I have seen it done on a back pack. I hope we see it a little bit more often and I think you will see it throughout different packs on the Gregory line. So you have... normally have a top packet on the back pack. It is usually exposed to the elements more than other parts of the pack. So what Gregory has done is incorporate this kind of a roll closure to this. They are call-ing the pocket highly water resistant. So it is not waterproof. But you have got some re-ally good highly water resistant fabrication and here you can see I just kind of unrolled that and here you have got a waterproof zipper. So you have got this top pocket which actually gives you some great access into the hood of the pack, easy to get to at any sort of a stop or break. When you want to close it, obviously you zip it. And then the system, you kind of roll once, roll twice. It folds it up and kind of gives you that kind of roll top closure that you are used to seeing on dry pack which is some really great weather protec-tion. And you can see Gregory has noted that roll to seal note here just in case you are having a hard time figuring out which way to roll it and how to do it. Really smooth, really clean design. I like that a lot. That is new and exciting to see from Gregory. So let’s cover the rest of those storage options where you want to get to items, you know, a couple of times throughout the day. Hood, as your typical buckle, closure opening. Un-derside of the hood you do have a small zippered pocket here, so you can access some things there that maybe you don’t need to get to quite as often and you want them to be really protected from the weather. You fold that back out of the way. Then on the front here you have got a couple of different places to stow things. You know, lots of buckle system here that frees this whole thing up. So it is going to be easy to access and stuff gearing out of it. The front part here is basically your classic shove it pocket. You have got a bit of mesh at the bottom here so if you put wet items in there they can easily drain or dry. So you have got some extra space there. And then you do have a zippered panel here that folds back and you have got a fairly large pocket on the outside here. These corners go back in here nice and deep. This pocket runs up to the top point here. They give you a mesh stash pocket here so it kind of help with the organization as well as a zippered pocket here so you can stow some smaller items and they don’t sink to the bottom and get lost. So at this point we will move inside the pack and take a look there. Gregory does have this nice double buckle system with dual adjustments. So this is a buckle that you can de-tach to get into that shove it pocket if you need to. It is real easy to tighten that up. It also helps compress the load vertically here. You have a separate adjustment at the top with a buckle as well. So you don’t really need to do undo this to access here. Then you have Gregory’s typical design here with this great... this one handed pull. You can see how easy that was. Cinch this in with one hand to open it up. You are just pulling it open with the other tab there. Gives you access into the pack here and, as you can see, we don’t have this thing fully loaded. So you do get a little bit more internal volume here in that bag as well. So the rest of that main compartment is all one bag. There is a sleeve for a hydration bladder, but the access to that is on the exterior of the pack here. So a great design be-cause now you don’t have to climb inside that pack and root around with your sleeping bag and your clothes just to change water or refill that hydration bladder. So you can see there is a pocket here. it runs down the back here. You do have a couple of clips in here, one on each side that allow you to hang different size bladders and then you have that closure again across the top here with the buckle system. Kind of cinches that whole thing and compresses that hydration bladder in there as well. So we will take a look at some other access points, the main body of the pack here. On one side you do have a long zipper that allows you to get into the main body of the pack. And Gregory has kind of done a smooth job with the design here as well, because this access point crosses over your side compression straps of which you have one here at the top and another one here at the side. This piece can be buckled through here and behind and cinched in so you have really good access to this pocket throughout the day to grab items that you need at hand frequently without having to fight with his compression strap. And it is a quick release buckle. So it is easy to open and then use that zipper again there without having to fight with this. If you wanted to really secure like a set of tent poles or something in there, you could always put that compression strap over the outside and cinch it down. So you have got a lot of great carry, great compression options here. You have got that side pocket here which is great for throwing water bottles in or just snacks, all those things we talked about you want to get out throughout the day. You have got another one on this side. Again, there is that stash pocket behind that allows you to access things pretty quickly or while you are wearing the pack. And, last but not least, on the bottom of the pack here you have got another set of maybe compressions straps, but I am thinking more of the sort of thing where you can easily stow wet gear, an extra pair of shoes for creek crossing or throw a sleeping pad in there rolled up. You have got fast ex buckles there so you can make adjustments, adjustments on the bottom here as well. And zip-pered pouch with your rain cover. Nice coloring matches the pack. So that is the Cairn 58. Again, it is a women’s specific model. This is going to offer great fit, comfort, carry options for women as well as some really unique features for stowing items and having access to items throughout the day while you are backpacking.


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