Granite Gear Blaze AC 60 Video


This is the award-winning, Granite Gear Blaze AC 60 – a great balance of weight and performance. It carries over 3600 cubic inches of gear, clothes and food, but weighs in at under 3 pounds. We're looking now at the back of the Blaze AC 60 and this is the Air Current suspension system. Underneath the fabrication, there is a molded, padded and channeled backpanel that gives you really nice support, makes this comfortable to carry and also allows heat to escape, so you don't get too much heat built up between your back and the pack itself. Underneath that is an HDPE framesheet that gives that extra stability and allows this to carry well. There are some adjustment points on that panel that allow you to raise or lower the harness and the shoulder straps you're seeing here which accommodates varying torso lengths. Nice padding on those shoulder straps, good contouring. You can see some reflectivity and daisy chain gear attachment points. Down below, you'll see dual density foam on the waistbelt. A nice wrap to the waistbelt. More daisy chain attachment points. And this hipbelt can be swapped out, depending on what size you need to ensure that you get a customized fit. Looking at the top of the pack, you can see that it is not a lidded pack in the traditional sense. It does have an extendable, spindrift collar with a nice drawstring closure on it. It gives you a lot of extra space should you need it. But also some really nice protection. Pack that down, close the straps over the top and you've got nice security to the interior of the pack bag; it also protects the contents. Turning the pack upright here, you can see that nice, long stretch pocket. We've got a pretty long pad in here and there's still room. Compression keeps things in place. I'd still be able to put another layer in there if need be. You can see we've got the trekking poles in place here, utilizing the trekking pole ice axe loops at the bottom of the pack. Two really nice stretch pockets on each side. Water bottle pockets here and some other gear on the side. And you’ve got the option to run the compression over or beneath that pocketing. I've got it underneath so I can easily pull a water bottle out if I want it. If I was trying to secure everything in place, I'd bring it over the top.


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