Granite Gear Aji 50 Backpack Video


Today we are going to take a closer look at the Granite Great Aji 50. It is a very light-weight internal frame backpack. It has got great access features. You can put your hands on anything you need in the pack and do it quickly, thanks to a really innovative design that they have built into this panel loading pack. I will show you the access features in just a moment. But before I do, I would like to turn the Aji around and show you this suspension system that Granite Gear has equipped it with. This is their vapor current suspension system. It is the same suspension system that is used on their award winning Crown VC pack. So what you have got here is a tex-tured, molded back panel. It is also channeled to allow air to flow. It helps this ride more coolly when it is on your back. So air can actually move and keep things from heating up against your back. It is a nice feel as well to the back fabrication. You have got a padded hip belt. You have also got padded shoulder straps. Those shoulder straps are fixed in place. The belt can be swapped out depending on what waist size you need. It makes this a customizable fit. It also comes in two different torso lengths, a long and a regular length, again, to ensure that you get an appropriate fit. Load lifter straps here high on the shoulder strap, some other adjustment points that can be made to dial in fit. There is also an HDPE frame sheet inside the pack that gives it additional structure and support. It encloses here inside the pack, but it can be removed entirely. The pack is light weight, under three pounds to begin with. If you take the frame sheet out and use this more like a rucksack, you will shave weight even further. Turning the pack back around you can see that there is gear attachment points. I have my set of trekking poles on here, stretch water bottle pockets on the side. I get some of these pieces out of the way so we can look at what makes the Aji truly unique. It is a panel loading pack. By that I mean it is not a lidded top loading pack like some larger backpacks. But the front panel can be accessed in so many different ways. There is an enormous zipper here underneath the compression straps that runs entirely around the pack. If I turn it this way you can see we have got actually multiple zipper pulls on here that allow you to adjust where you want to get into the pack. You can zip this the whole way open and around and get really broad open access to the interior of the pack, which makes it really easy to pack the pack. It makes it real easy to get gear out of the pack. There is internal compression straps to hold gear in place. So that stays secure while you are on the move. Again, you can change positioning here so that you can peel the panel back from the front, if you would like. Or you can position it in such a way to just get quick and easy access to a single item. Definitely makes the Aji unique and a really good fit for anyone who really wants to quickly put hands on specific items of gear. There is a sizeable front stuff it pocket on the very front of the pack, perfect for extra lay-ers or, again, something you want to keep at little closer at hand. Compression straps that run across the face both on the low point and the high point. Again, it just kind of secures everything in place. Near the top portion of the pack bag, there is an additional zippered pocket that has or-ganizational features inside it, key fob, another small zippered pocket here where I have got some snacks and food, a head lamp. It keeps some of those items nicely organized. There is also a lined internal sleeve. You can see the hydration hose here accommodates any style of hydration bladder that is on the market and any size of hydration bladder that is on the market. The Aji, as the name would attest, has 50 liters of storage capacity, carries comfortably up to 35 pounds. It really makes it a versatile pack. You can use it for lightweight multi day backpacking. You can use it for overnights. You can use it for technical day hiking. It makes Aji 50 something I can envision using for just about any and every type of outdoor activity. Another great Granite Gear offering.


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