Granite Gear eVent Sil Compression DrySack Video


Today we’re going to take a closer look at the Granite Gear Event Sil Compression Drysack. This is constructed of 30D sil nylon fabric; an ultra lightweight packable option for fast and light backpacking. When you’re packing your backpack there are going to be some items in there that are bulkier and prone to take up space. Sleeping bags are foremost among them but also layers and other gear. Something like the Event Sil Compression Drysack can be really handy in those instances. You can see here that I’m stuffing a sleeping bag inside the drysack. I say drysack again, meaning waterproof construction. It does have this nice roll-top closure which ensures that contents stay not only secure but also dry. Roll that down, use the nice integrated buckle and then bring this top layer of fabric up which matches the bottom. It bolsters the construction a bit, being 210 denier nylon, so it’s a sturdier fabric on either end. You tighten the four compression straps on all sides and you can see this lightweight design that mirrors the Lineloc compression on Granite Gear backpacks. Again, keeps the weight down on this item but also allows you to cinch down the contents. There is a nice, space saving shape to this piece. It’s almost rectangular and fits really nicely in bottom portions of backpacks in a way that more traditional, rounded, barrel shaped drysacks don’t. At the very bottom of this piece is an interesting piece of Event fabric. It actually allows air to escape but maintains that waterproof construction. It lets you cinch things down that much further by allowing the air to escape and still keeps everything inside the drysack, protected and fully waterproof. The packaging that each drysack comes in reflects Granite Gear’s commitment to not letting anything go to waste. This packaging is re-useable. It’s mesh on one side, zippered as well and again, when this isn’t in use you can store it in here but you could store other things in here as well. You could lash it to the side of Granite Gear hip belt and use it as a side pocket. The drysack we are looking at today is a 13 liter size. This piece is available in other colors and sizes as well, some smaller and some larger, that should help you compress everything and anything for your next backpacking trip.


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