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I am wearing the Torrent 20 Liter Day pack by Exped. The standout feature of this pack is definitely going to be the high frequency welded seams. This is a roll top closure pack that is completely waterproof. And so this will be a perfect pack for day hiking if you know you are going to be in some really rainy or wet conditions. I can see it being great for bike commuting, paddling, canoeing, anything like that where you just want that security that you are going to have your gear inside is going to stay waterproof and stay dry. This pack also has a lot of attentions to detail that I haven’t seen in such a stripped down pack like this. So we are going to take a closer look. All of the fabrics and materials used to make this pack are extremely durable and they are meant to just be, you know, bond proof and just super durable. Starting with the fabrics you have a 420 D fabric here. And, as I mentioned, those high frequency welded seams. So anywhere where you have got seams on this pack they are certainly welded and that is going to give you really tight waterproof protection. Taking a look at the features starting at the bottom you have got a little attachment point here for a light or anything else you want to attach there. So that would make it great for bike commuting. And, again, that is pretty much bonded to the outside of the pack. On the outside of the pack you do have a very shall what I would call map pocket. And you have what they will call a weatherproof zipper. It is not completely watertight or water sealed, but it is certainly going to hold up to a little bit of water. So, you know, it is pretty big on the inside, but it is very shallow. So, you know, enough room for your keys, a book or, you know, a cell phone. But, like I said, pretty shall map pocket there on the outside of the pack. Moving up to the top it is a true roll top closure. So on this pack basically you have one main access into the body of the pack with this roll top closure. You do have a neoprene laptop sleeve inside here so that that keeps your laptop safe. It is going to keep it dry. But you have also got a small mesh pocket in there and a little hook for your keys. So, like I said, a true top loading pack with a little bit if, you know, pocketing on the inside, like I said, for a lap top or keys or something small. You have got adjustability in the volume of the pack as well. So this is a 22 liter pack, but you can certainly, you know, cinch that down, roll it down if you don’t have it packed out completely or, you know, if you have more equipment in there, you know, you can definitely just seal it off at the top. But in order for this to be extremely waterproof you do need to roll it three times. So give it one. That is even a compression. One, two, three. So roll down three times. You have got karabiners on either side here, really durable materials, again, and there is attachment points on the side. You have got two attachment points to just attach those karabiners. If I flip the bag to the side, again, as attachment points, you can attach other gear to that as well, but, really, it is just made to attach the top karabiner. And then flipping to the back you have a padded pack panel here and that is pretty comfortable. It is going to cut down on, you know, sweating and that kind of thing where it is going to give you a little bit of ventilation there. With this water proof material it doesn’t breathe very much, but these added pieces on the back panel really do give it some breathability. You don’t have a hard back panel there. You know, it is not... it doesn’t have any, you know, stiffness in there, but, you know, certainly gives enough for that 20 liter size. And just going to the shoulder straps you have a contoured shoulder strap, a little bit more sufficient than I have seen in some other really light weight packs like this. So that offers a lot of support. You definitely have this adjustable sternum strap. And that is a removable, so if you need to take that off if you don’t want the sternum strap. You can certainly do that. And then you have a small hip belt here at the bottom as well and that is removable. A carry handle that is pretty durable up there as well. But all in all just a really seamless, really clean waterproof pack. We showed you how to roll it down and clip it to the sides here, but if the pack is packed out pretty full you don’t have to clip it on to those side pieces. I just want to show you how you can roll it once, you know, with the karabiners up top. Just kin of clip it there. So I wanted to show you just another option for the pack. But definitely a really versatile pack, super clean design. It is giving you that water proof confidence. Wit all the attentions to detail like the laptop sleeve, the removable waist belt, this pack is certainly at home downtown as it is in the outdoors. It is the Torrent 20 liter pack by Exped.


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