Exped SynMat UL Sleeping Pad Video


Striking an excellent balance between warmth and little weight packable construction the exped Synmat UL 7 is ideal for the light pack packing. The Synmat UL 7 is available in a couple of different sizes, we are looking specifically at medium which is 20 inches wide by 72 inches in length. The medium Synmat UL 7 weighs 16.2 ounces of just a pound, the 20D face fabric the hair reflect that focus on light weight design but inside the pack laminated to both the top and the bottom of this vertical baffler is micro fiber synthetic insulation. So while this light weight packable inflatable pad it does have a 3.0 our value which is suitable for all year around use is much warmer than most inflatable sleeping packs. Turn over the Synmat UL 7 and we will take a look at the flat valves, this is unique to exped and found through there line of pads and you can see it lays flash to the pad itself which cuts down actually eliminates one of the common failure points on traditional flatting pad which is that valve that extends out beyond the pad itself. There is a deflate valve, there is is an inflate valve blow up the pad open that up you will see this broad mouth which would make inflation very simple. You can blow into this pad and blow it up very qickly but exped would advice considering use of one of their pumps. there got a couple of style of pump there also fairly in expensive and what the use of those would allow you to do is blow up this pads without introducing the moisture in you breath to the interior of the pad. Over time that moisture can degrade the interior of the pad and shorten the life of that pad. I do have one of exped pumps here, the exped many pads you can see that connection point that slots right into the inflate valve. There is an opening here so that air can get into the interior of the pump itself squeeze it that air goes into the interior of the pump again quickly efficiently and without moisture inflates the Synmat UL 7. Close the valve and you are all set. the design on that inflate valve ensures that air isn’t escaping while your are filling the pack up, in the morning when you are ready pack up and go on your way, flip open the deflate valve and immediately hear air escaping and it will continue to freely escape from the pad as you fold and roll that pad to roll to head back out on the trip. Each Synmat UL 7 does come with its own stuff sack draw string closure inside that stuff sack is also a field repair kit should you run into any issues while you are out on the trail, you can see just a nice compact design easily fits inside a backpack very little weight, Synmat UL 7 really ideal for three season little weight pack packing.


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