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Exped SynMat Lite 5

Exped SynMat Lite 5


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This is the Exped SynMat Lite 5 inflatable sleeping pad. You have got a light weight, compact and durable offering with synthetic insulation that makes it suitable for three seasons, perhaps even four seasons of back packing use. Innovative construction here on the SynMat 5 Lite as we have come to expect from Exped. You have got welded through baffling, really durable 75 Denier face fabric. You can see the honeycomb pattern here really sells the strength of that fabric. Out of view is synthetic insulation laminated to that top fabric. So you have got a 3.8 R value and the way that insulation is put in place gives a real consistent warmth. It doesn’t migrate. You don’t end up having dead spots along the way, a really smart touch there. That 3.8 R value is certainly suitable for three season usage. Depending on what you are running into in winter, this pad may serve you year round. Turning the pad over I will take a look at another feature that sets Exped pads apart, certainly the SynMat Lite 5, that is Exped’s flat valve. So unlike the valve you are used to seeing on a blow up or an inflatable pad that tends to kind of extend from the corner, this is, as the name would suggest, flat to the surface of the pad itself. It keeps it from catching on anything, kind of wears down on the potential warrantee issue. It also just makes inflation and deflation recall, really simple. So you can pull back that flat valve. You have got a one way valve here so you can blow into it. You can pull you mouth away—if that is the way you are inflating it—without a fear a fear of air coming back out. I mentioned, if you are inflating it that way. Exped does have some pump sacks, some pumps that will help you blow up this pad without having to do it by mouth. But certainly you can blow right into the pad, too. Like I said, it is a one way valve. Blow air into the pad without any concern of it coming back out. When you are ready to deflate the pad actually with just a little flap here because of that broad opening it deflates pretty quickly so you can roll it up and be on your way when you are out there back packing. Each pad comes with its own stuff sack. Tucked in a dedicated pocket within that stuff sack is a small field repair kit that Exped includes just in case. We were looking here at the medium size of this pad, so 72 inches long, 20 inches wide, two inches thick. The pad is available in a couple of other sizes, too, so be aware of that. Inside its stuff sack this medium size of the pad is just eight inches long by five inches wide, a nice, compact offering. That, it is light weight, that feature set that we looked at really does make the Exped SynMat Lite 5 an excellent option for three season back packing, perhaps—depending on where you are going, what kind of conditions you face—even a year round sleeping pad.


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