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Exped Scout Hammock Combi

Exped Scout Hammock Combi


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We are taking a closer look at the Scout Hammock Combi by Exped. This is an extremely versatile hammock system that allows you to use the hammock in different ways. As you can see, we have got the hammock set up here. We have the bug net attached. And I do want to mention the bug net is attached to the hammock, but you can turn the hammock inside out and use it upside down and you don’t have to have the bug net above you. So you have that versatility. We have also got the rain fly, the rain tarp attached up here. So, you know, each one individually, you know, you can use the hammock by itself. You can use it with a rain tarp. So taking a look at the features a little bit more closely starting with the actual suspension system for this. It comes with two included straps and they are pretty light weight straps, what you would expect form Exped, but they are very strong and very versatile. So these straps, they actually have little loops in them at different parts. Moving down the strap you have got a really durable karabiner here, aluminum karabiner. And you have actually got a little piece here that if it is raining and water comes down the strap it is going to get caught by that little piece of rubber. You have a full length zipper here so it is easy to get in and out. If I open up the actual hammock here and just show you this sleeve, it might be hard to see, but there is a sleeve underneath of the actual place where you lay where you can put a sleeping pad. So you have got that insulation in between the air and where you are laying so that, you know, if mosquitoes are around they are not going to be able to bite you through that sleeping pad. So, you know, another really nice little detail in there. The design of the guide out points is really smart and it is a feature that I really love about this system. It is basically a hook or claw on the end of this guide out line. And, basically, what you do is you wrap it around a tree or whatever you have available and you just tighten it to, you know, however tight, however tense you want that to be. The size of the hammock is sprawling enough that, as you can see, I am just sitting cross legged in the hammock and this feels really comfortable. So even, you know, if it is raining or if I need some shade I can just sit up, read a book, you know, and do whatever I need to do. And it is really comfortable. But inside here you do have some internal pockets where you can store things, glasses, cell phone, whatever you need. You can store it in there. With the extremely smart, light weight design, the rain fly for shade and weather protection and the bug net for protection from insects you have got everything you need for either hanging out during the day or an ultra light weight back packing adventure. It is the Scout Hammock Combi by Exped.


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