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We’re still here in Zurich, Switzerland with Andy Brun. Andy has just inflated a Synmat 7 Pump mat and he is not going to deflate that same mat and show us a few techniques to make that go smoothly. Thanks Kaj, now let’s deflate. When you break camp just turn the mat over and this is the inflation valve that I showed you before. There is a special deflation valve so to make it easy you can read it and it says deflation, so you open it up. Now I suggest that because there is allot of air in here that you make this a two step process. First, roll it lightly over and lean on it or if you are in a tent kneel on it. This way really goes fast. Then you go to the second step where you fold the mat like this and then you can tightly roll it together. It doesn’t really matter if you roll it with the orange side up or the ground side upwards, whatever you feel like. You can really make it a tight bundle. In the end, I suggest that you just close the inflation valve and there you go. This is a small bundle which you push into the pack sack and off you go. Have fun.


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