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Exped DownMat UL 7

Exped DownMat UL 7


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Built for all-round all-season backpacking, the Exped DownMat UL 7 inflatable sleeping pad is an impressive of weight, warmth and performance. We’re looking at the medium length of this pad, which does come in a variety of lengths and sizes. So, 20 wide, 72 inches in length, and it weighs in at just 20.5 ounces. Despite being that light in weight there’s down insulation laminated beneath the top layer of this pad that gives it an extreme 5.9 R-value, which again is plenty, even in the coldest of weather. The DownMat UL 7 is an inflatable sleeping pad so you do need to manual inflate the pad. Exped does utilize flat valve technology to make inflation easy and also keeps you from having moisture, potential destructive moisture, to the interior of the pad. So we’re looking at the DownMat UL 7, partially inflated at this point. We’ve flipped it over and are taking a look at the flat valves. Dual flat valves, the first with a clearly marked “inflate”, the second one clearly marked “deflate”. In order to inflate the pad, close the deflate valve and open the deflate valve. Exped includes a Schnozzel Pump Bag. There is an attachment point that integrates very nicely onto the inflate flat valve and then you simply stand up, open up the pump sack, fold it closed and in doing so seal air inside that pump sack, and can use that dry air to very easily and very quickly inflate the pad. Remove the Schnozzel Pump Sack and close the inflate valve and you’ve got an inflated pad. We used the pump sack and it took all of 3 fills, pumps, into the pad to fully inflate the DownMat UL 7. The Schnozzel Pump Sack also doubles as a nice, waterproof storage sack for a sleeping bag or any other gear. It’s extremely sizable, rolls closed and buckles down as well; nice little piece. Exped also includes a stuff sack for the pad itself and a field repair kit, should you need it.


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