Exped DownMat Lite 5 Inflatable Sleeping Pad


We are going to take a closer look at Exped’s DownMat Lite Five sleeping pad. This in-flatable sleeping pad is very packable, very light weight and also delivers excellent warmth because of a layer of down insulation that is laminated to the interior of the baf-fles. While various manufacturers have utilized from time to time synthetic insulation to bol-ster the warmth on a pad. Exped remains the only manufacturer that is using down on the interior of their pads. In some cases it does make some of the pads rather pricey. On the DownMat Lite Five, Exped is using a duck down insulation that brings pricing down a little bit, actually makes this an extremely affordable option for a down filled sleeping pad. There is a 4.1 R value on this pad which is certainly good enough for three season use. For a lot of folks that is actually probably sufficient for year round usage. You can see there are vertical baffles here on the DownMat Lite Five. The outside baf-fles are a little bit raised. That helps to keep you centered on the pad during the night so you are not falling off and not being able to take advantage of that padding beneath you. We are looking at the regular, medium length of the DownMat Lite Five. So 20 inches wide by 72 inches long. Fairly standard sizing. It is available, again, in a couple of dif-ferent sizes. There is a two inch thickness to this pad that gets you up off the ground, helps with warmth and obviously provides that comfort. We want to turn the pad over and take a look at Exped’s flat valve technology. You can see that unlike many other pads in the market place, it has kind of an extended nozzle that can take a beating, that is somewhat subject to failure depending on what kinds of stresses are applied to it. The flat valve really takes that out of play. Really simple open and close closure on this pad. Flip that open and we are ready to either inflate the pad or deflate the pad by simply pushing down on that tab. As we mentioned, this is an inflatable pad so it does need to be blown up. That helps it be compressible in the first place and light weight. Exped does include a mini pump to help with inflation and save you from having to blow it up. And, most importantly, keeps moist air from being introduced to the interior of the pad. Over time that moisture can really be disruptive to the fabrics on the pad. So having this mini pump avoids that. Really simple connection point here. That clips into place and you can hear that positive lock. The mini pump is super simple. Put your hands over top of the pump, let air fill the pump, push it into the pad itself and complete the inflation of that pad. It takes a minute to blow up the pad, but, again, saves you from having to do it by mouth and really is pret-ty simple. In addition to the mini pump, Exped does include a stuff sack with each of its DownMat Lite pads. Inside that stuff sack they also include a field repair kit should you run into any issues. Keep in mind with the DownMat Lite Five, just like any sleeping pad, if possible you are going to want to store it at home in a non compressed state to extend the life of that pad. Exped DownMat Lite Five, again, with a combination of insulation, light weight packable design. It is a really great option for three season back packing and for some folks, year round backpacking.


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