Eagles Nest Outfitters ProNest Video


This is the Eagles Nest Outfitters ProNest hammock. It’s made out of the same lightweight, breathable nylon as the other ENO hammocks. It is a lighter model only weight 12.8 ounces so it’s well under a pound there. You’ll notice one of the differences is that ENO switches that steel carabiner out for a very lightweight, actual climbing carabiner manufactured by Omega Pacific. So these ‘biners are a lot lighter and a little bit stronger than the steel ones. Another thing to note about the ProNest is that it is a little bit shorter, um if you are six feet or over six feet this hammock might be a little too short for you but it is a way for them to cut down on weight. So this hammock packs up a little bit smaller, has the same stuff sack that is a smaller size than the other ones so it takes up less weight and less room in your pack. I’m five foot nine and I’m going to get in the hammock and you can see how it fits me. So you can see if I’m stretched out that I just fit in the hammock at five foot nine. So it’s a little bit shorter but it is a bit lighter. If you don’t need that extra space it’s a really good way to lighten up your load even more if you’re a hammock camper.


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