Eagles Nest Outfitters Talon Ridgeline Video


So here we are set up with our ENO hammock and tarp here and they’ve got this fantastic convenience now that’s called the Talon Ridgeline. Basically what it is, you can see here, it’s a pocket, and there’s some little mesh pockets inside of this and a mesh pocket on the outside so you’ve got a variety of places to store things and it comes on this tension line that you can set up along the ridge of your tarp and there are little clips that slide back and forth. At the top here, like this, it’s got a little clip on the bottom, so you can move these back and forth. You clip the Ridgeline into it and then you can adjust it to wherever you need it to be. It’s a fantastic way to keep whatever items you might need close at hand, right above your head, everything’s protected under the tarp so if it rains you’ve got everything you need right there and you’re set to go.


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