Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Video


This is the Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly. This is a ripstop nylon fly with six different attachment points here. You’ve got all four corners and also two at what would be the standard ridgelines. This fly weighs in at 22 ounces, it’s available in a couple different colors and like I said, it’s constructed of ripstop nylon. The edge is fully bound here and you can see we’ve got a nice, ah, angle or catenary cut that kind of channels rain water out towards the corners. You’ve got this nice curve that runs right out to the corner. This binding that runs to the corner creates a loop system here, um, which if you don’t want to use the attachment and points that come with the fly you can rig your own attachment point there with cording or rope, whatever you’d like to do. ENO is using their LineLoc attachments on all six attachments points of this fly. What’s nice about these is it’s a really simple pull open to release tension on the fly and then when you want to re-tension your fly, grab your end and just pull. This locks everything in for you and there is no need for knots on the end of the fly or tying any tensioning knots. It’s all right there and allows you to put your fly up quick if you need to.


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