Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Sil Nylon Video


This is the Eagles Nest ProFly. This is a very light weight, Sil nylon fly that weighs in at 13 ounces. ENO has incorporated a couple of very nice features into this tarp. We’ve got it set up here in the traditional A frame style, format and you can set it up any number of ways because they’ve got attachment points on all four corners as well as two at the ridgelines. This bound edge on the ripstop Sil nylon has a nice catenary cut or curved cut. You can see it follows this line and has a nice gentle curve right down into the corners of the fly. Another great feature that ENO has included on the ProFly is these LineLoc cord fasteners. These things make set up a breeze. You’ve got a single finger operation here to take the tension out and just a single pull on that cord, add all the tension that you want and they stay right in place.


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