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Today I’m wearing the Deuter Speed Lite 20. About a 1200 cubic inch day pack, on the small side for sure, but I find myself using it for everything and anything. Right now you can see I’ve got it all set up with my running gear and it’s got my shoes right here in the side pockets, which is also perfect for water bottles or anything else you might want to stash there. I take it to and from work all day, every day; it’s a great little do everything pack. Speed Lite 20 is obviously small and compact and that’s part of the appeal. It’s a single compartment pack or a front loading pack as I would refer to it. It does have a fairly large stuff-it pocket here in the front. It isn’t an open faced pocket, here at the top, but there is good access on either side and elasticity that allows you to put quite a bit in there and best of all, keeps it nice and secure. Like I said, I use it for running and I have a confidence that whatever goes in there is going to stay in there. I’ve got just a lightweight shell in there at the moment. It does have a trekking pole or ice axe loop if you see fit to use that. It also tucks away if you aren’t using it, so again, cleans up that profile a bit and gets rid of things that might snag. There is some reflectivity here if you were wearing this for bike commuting or anything where visibility might be of importance, it’s a nice feature and you can certainly attach a blinky light there for even greater visibility. Mesh pockets, which I pointed out before, I have my shoes in here with compression straps that run over that pocketing to keep everything securely in place. The buckling that’s on these compression straps is off-set so that you can run compression the whole way across the face of the pack if you chose too. Even on a pack this small you could actually cinch down skis over the top of the pack which is pretty impressive for something this small. We’ve got the main compartment opened up here and you can see, again, nice clean profiling inside and out. Not a lot of pocketing here. There is a large zippered pocket on the very top of the pack. I’ve got a GPS, a headlamp at the moment; other small items. There is a lined pocket on the interior with an attachment strap that makes the Speed Lite 20 compatible with most any hydration system currently on the market. It does not come with a hydration system, however. Ok, I’ve got the pack turned around so you can see the perforated foam back panel; also on the shoulder straps. This keeps it nice and cool and also gives it a nice bit of padding for a pack that’s so light weight. A very minimalist hip belt on this pack, as you can see just web strapping. It can even come off entirely if you’re really just looking to shed that extraneous weight. I like it because it gives just that little bit of extra stability especially when I’m on the move. A little strap here on the shoulder strap to keep a hydration hose in place and where you need it. There is an adjustable sternum strap. You can see the slider here to get it exactly where you want it and again, that clips down in place and makes this nice and stable. So, I’ve emptied out the pack. At this point there is nothing in it at all. There is shaping to this pack. I wouldn’t call it a full fledge frame but there’s a really fine Delrin rod that runs in a horseshoe shape on the pack and gives it that shape. Just a minor bit of stability while in use. What I really like about his pack, and what makes it so versatile, is that you can literally roll this pack up into a little bundle, put it into my luggage or inside another pack if I’m going somewhere and it won’t take up a whole lot of room but I have such a functional pack for wherever it is I’m going and whatever type of activity I want to do when I get there.


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