Deuter Expedition 90+10 Video


The Deuter Expedition 90+10 is an extremely durable heavy weight hauler. No matter what or how much you want to carry, this pack is going to be able to handle it. It is great for guides or groups that are going to be using this pack in a variety of ways. And it has an extremely durable construction. So everything from the zippers and buckles to the fab-rics are going to be extremely durable and rugged. The suspension system used in this pack is the ... called the very quick suspension system and it adjusts from all the way from 16 inches all the way up to 22 inches. So that is a re-ally wide range of adjustability on the torso length. If you take a look at the load lifter straps, they actually have two adjustment points for the load lifter strap. So if you bring the torso length all the way down to 16 inches you can use the lower one. If you have it up to, you know, 22 inches you can use the higher ones. So that is a great feature on that. And I will mention the material used in the back panel and all along the shoulder harness, very, very durable material. So that is going to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. If we go down to the hip belt, the hip belt does sort of pivot. You can see that while you hike. So it is on a pivot in there. It is not just sewn right onto the pack. So, you know, as you are hiking you have a little bit more movement with the pack. The organization of this pack is simple and straightforward, true to its very clean design. You do have a hip belt pocket on either side of the hip belt, big enough for a cell phone, camera, granola bar. Turn this pack around. You have got a water bottle pocket on either side and that does have a compression strap so you can really cinch that down. Other than that, you can see there are no pockets on the outside. This is a true top loading pack. So you don’t have any, you know, extra zippers or anything like that. Just one big rock sack. The top compartment, however, does come off. You can see you can adjust that to any height up there. And something really unique about this top compartment, you can actual-ly turn this into a day pack or Deuter calls it a summit pack. So you can take this com-pletely off and, you own, use it for the day. Or if you want to save a little bit of weight on this pack you can take that part off and leave it at home. We have this Deuter pack filled to capacity now. So before it was only filled up to here. And, you know, like most other Deuter packs you do have an extra, you know, portion of capacity. So this is, you know, a 90 liter pack up to here. If you fill this extra space it be-comes a true 100 liter pack. So I wanted to show just how big this pack can get. The top compartment is completely adjustable. So you have enough webbing here to be able to, you know, fill this pack to capacity and still have enough room to really pack that out. The clean, straightforward design and the rugged construction of this Expedition pack will allow you to carry heavy loads into the back country.


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